Move Your Assets with The AQ

“There is no instructor like Bethanne. Her unique ability to motivate students to move all our body parts and get lost in the fun, while cueing us to make amazing posture changes, is totally incredible! Her fun and functional choreography carries over to everyday life. I can lift heavy boxes, climb steps holding packages, and I have amazing balance and stamina because of Bethanne’s FUNIQ™ program.”

Robyn Eichenholz, 44 devoted student of The Asset Queen

Bethanne’s philosophy is “you must use all of your G-d given body parts and move them sideways, backwards, up and down, and forwards, while lifting, pulling, pushing, punching, and combine many movements because that’s how life works!” The result is the incredibly fun and unique (FUNIQ™) total body and brain changing asset-moving program, suitable for ALL ages and fitness levels.

  • Lose body fat while “sculpting” ALL your muscle groups
  • Increase your stamina, strength, and flexibility and get rid of aches and ailments
  • No two sessions alike—you’ll never be bored
  • Improve posture and stand taller
  • Strengthen your heart and lungs
  • Dramatically decrease stress and drastically increase energy
  • Sleep better, feel better, love life
“You’ll love FUNIQ™ so much you’ll forget you’re “working” out. Eeewww, who’s looking for more work?”

—Luv, The Asset Queen

FUNIQ Total Body™ group classes, Monday and Wednesday 9:30 – 10:30am, Tuesday and Thursday 9:45 – 1045am at The Asset Queen’s exclusive Longwood, Florida studio.

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FUNIQ™ one on one and small group training, by appointment only, at your Orlando area location or at The Asset Queen’s exclusive Longwood, Florida studio.

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