The Book

If the Asset Queen can be super fit at 50+ years young despite all her kvetches, so can you!

You can look as good going as you do coming! —Luv, The Asset Queen

“Have you repeatedly indulged in the latest and greatest pill, potion, or lotion?” Bethanne asks. “You know, the one that promised to remove the umpteen kilos of junk from your trunk? Or maybe you’ve been sucked in by the Zippity Zappity Crappity Diet book and then re-gifted it to your sista-in-law last Hanukkah or Christmas. Yet admit it: You’re kvetching more than ever about your jiggles, oohs and ahhs. Then it’s time to walk with me and let’s discuss.”

Beth_descriptionsJoin Bethanne Weiss as she gets you fit and healthy beyond your wildest dreams—without ever uttering the dreaded words workout, exercise, or diet. With humor, science, and a little Yiddish, the Asset Queen’s book, Move Your Assets: From the Chair, Not the Bank! will:

INSPIRE you with stories about people (including the AQ herself) who have reinvented their bodies, health, and lives in their 40s, 50s, 60s, and beyond.

TURN you into a super-creative, energetic, fat-burning machine despite what aches and ailments you kvetch about.

HELP you ditch that closetful of costly “diet” concoctions and miracle potions.

SHOW you that the only body-changing investment you need is to add this book to your shopping cart right now!

RESTORE your tuchus to its glory days.

For a fraction of the cost of one mani-pedi, you can finally say buh-bye to your granny panties and your chair—for good!

Bethanne L. Weiss, B.S., is an ACE-certified fitness and nutrition professional with 30 years of moving assets from chairs and changing lives.


“When a writer feels very passionate about something, she just lets her creativity go wild! This is how I felt after reading Bethanne Weiss’s book “Move Your Assets: From the Chair, Not the Bank!” In fact, I was so passionate with my writing that I won first place for my review of Weiss’s book in the Arts, Entertainment & Review Reporting category in the Florida Press Association’s 2015 Better Weekly Newspaper Contest. But actually, part of that passion was because as I read the book (which was truly fun reading) I did exactly what she said to do. In fact, when I interviewed her (which we did almost completely standing up), I was wearing pants that were now loose around my waist and showed her my results. So thank you Bethanne for writing a book that actually works, inspired me to move and write an award-winning review!”

—Christine DeSouza, News Editor, Heritage Florida Jewish News

“This book is clever, funny, and delivers clear and really important messages. I was reading it on the airplane–which made for a flight that felt very long because all I wanted to do was get up and move my assets!”

—Rachel Scheinberg

“Bethanne is more than a well educated and experienced fitness expert. She is a person with firsthand experience of self-transformation and the need for effective caregivers to also take of themselves. With self-deprecating humor and a realistic world view, Bethanne takes the reader on a very personal journey, while providing sound advice applicable to people from all walks of life who wish to improve the quality of their lives.”

—Kimberly Kent, Ph.D.

“I highly recommend this fabulous book! As an advocate for people with Celiac Disease, I have found how important it is for people to understand the difference between diet and lifestyle. Weiss explains how to move your assets and eat healthy every day the right way, by motivating and inspiring you with helpful examples! Very interactive read and you feel as if she’s sitting right next to you! Weiss spreads the most important message, while entertaining you with her adorable sense of humor. This book should be read by all.”

—The Gluten Free Jewish Momma

“This book is humorous yet full of truth and keen insights. I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia more than 15 years ago, and have not stopped moving since…and am feeling great! Through personal experiences and humorous anecdotes, Beth explains the power that exercise and mobility have to heal us. I can personally attest to the fact that since I started running, I almost never get even a cold. The same is true of my 78 year old mom, who speed-walks and rides her bike daily. Buy this book and then get moving!”

—Robin Cadden

“I love how Bethanne uses humor and addresses all the things we tell ourselves, as to why we “can’t” move more.  One by one, she breaks down those reasons, fears, and excuses we use to keep us stuck. Bethanne empowers us to find activities we like to do, so it doesn’t feel like exercise.  She teaches us how little steps add up to looking and feeling better.  By the end of the book, I realized I was the only one standing in my way of reaching my fitness goals!  I learned so many creative ways to build strength and flexibility.  As a nutritionist, I often refer this book. It’s an excellent resource for my clients that are just starting to be more active and to those who need motivation to challenge themselves even more.”

—Celia Graham, R.D., L.D.