“You actually walked here?”

I know you’ve missed my snappy little tips and smart asset quips and yes I have gone MIA with my blogposts for quite some time

I will fill you on some life challenges that have occupied my time in next blog post, but you know me. When something profound in the asset moving world inspires me to share I need to just let it all out NOW!

Divine inspiration

Every Sunday I walk to Walgreens to get the newspaper and sometimes large amounts of sale – priced paper products which make me stick out like a sore thumb on my trek home on the Seminle Wekiva trail. Today, a young whippersnapper of a Walgreens employee blirted out,

 “You actually walked here?”…

…in response to my request to a 60ish Walgreens employee to please put my newspaper in a plastic bag to make my journey home easier whlist avoiding getting smelly newsprint all over my sweaty body. Ewww, I didn’t actually share the latter part.

Please pause and absorb the profoundness of this (and walk forwards, side to side and backwards whilst absorbing)

Brain fart
The premise of actually walking to and into a store shocked this 20 something year old fine, young overweight lady probably because her mama searches for the closest parking spot, doesn’t return her freakin’ shopping cart to the rack and frequents drive up windows. You will read much more about these pet peeves of mine in my upcoming book Move Your Assets: From the chair not the bank! and you can read about the latter peeve here, but don’t get me started right now.

Hmmm two cars per household in the USA

It’s amazing to me how very few people these days  don’t rely on their own bods for transportation in our beautiful US of A. In my day and in yours too, we biked and walked everywhere for fun transportation and never thought of it as exercise. When mommy called us in for supper, we’d say “10 more minutes” so we can finish our game of Ringo Levio (Italian for tag; I’m still hung up on that inspirational Italy trip that you can read about here.) It’s pretty frightening how difficult it is to get peops nowadays even off the couch, especially kids. But it’s (usually) not too tough with our Ryan, Talia and Adam; you will read a lot more about how asset moving parents are obviously more likely to have asset moving kids in my book as well.

By the way, the average family in France (and Itlaly) have less than one car per household while the average American has two, so this has lots to do with the fact that we have the need to bring the automobile everywhere


HMMM, I don’t think we are fitting a family of five in here

I threw in this Bethy tangent about Europe (lots of Bethy tangents in the book) because Jeffrey and I recently returned from a 2 week vacation in France. Incredibly everyone moves his/her assets and everywhere well into their 60s 70s and beyond. (Almost identical stats in Italy.) Even more incredibly, we saw only two very overweight people during the entire two weeks and guess where their accents indicated they were from? Can someone say the lovely US of A?

Profound Bethy conclusion

Only in this country would a young store employee be flabbergasted  that a relatively young customer actually made it there on “feets” even if they look like these…

Beth's funky feet 004

Yes those really are my funky feest and I manage to move my assets around the world with those flapjacks, so you can stop laughing and get on yours NOW

Sergio asks: “Whatza witha you Americansa no lika the stepza?”

What a bellisimo time I had on our walking tour of Naples and the Amalfi Coast…Fantastico!!

I met some amazing people from around the world…

705“PH” and Gerrie from Hong Hong

I ate lots of awesome pizza…

Italy 2

I took breathtaking, picturesque walks through Capri and cities on the Amalfi coast…

Amalfi coast

I ate lots of awesome pizza…

Italy 2

I drank local wines, lemoncello and other local alcoholic beverages with “my girls”…

Did I mention I ate lots of awesome pizza?

And by the way, legend has it that the Margherita pizza was invented in Naples in 1889 when Queen Margherita commissioned Neapolitan pizzaiolo Raffaele Esposito to make a pizza named after her and incorporating the colors of the Italian flag: red (tomato,) green (basil,) and white (mozzarella.)

See? I can offer interesting tidbits of info that have nothing to do with moving your assets!!…but not for long…

…Cuz my next rhetorical question, imposed by our fearless Italian guide, Sergio, has to do with lots of asset moving, or should I say lack of asset moving.

1,270 steps

Prompted by a few “oohs” and “ahs” from the peanut gallery (our group) when he announced that our walk would include climbing up 1,270 steps, Sergio asked:

“Whatza witha you Americansa no lika the stepza?”

Here is Sergio sporting his assets (at my request, of course):

And you can see he’s not exactly a spring chicken.

I absolutely agree with you, Sergio, that (the majority of) Americans “no lika the stepza.” Not only do most Americans whine and complain when they even glance at a set of stairs, but they avoid them like the plague and use the mindless people-movers 99 out of 100 times when given the choice.

Since your body (especially your assets) is built for pushing you up, that means avoiding climbing can really wreak havoc on your body especially on your knees, lower back and hips!! So sitting on your assets instead of using them to climba the stepza izza notta gooda thinga!

In fact, Sergio, the motivation behind my book Move Your Assets: From the chair not the bank! is the fact that middle-aged Americans are still blaming their aches and ailments on their teenage feats of athleticism and 40-year-old injuries from hopscotch and badminton rather than on the 40 years of discontinued body part use.

I know many folks who admit to not using steps in years, especially Floridians who live in one-story houses or condos.

In your beautiful city of Naples, everyone walks and climbs…everyone! And we are not talking flat, horizontal Florida. You introduced us to people, in their 60s and 70s who climb every day, just to go to the local grocery store. It’s just part of their daily routine so I guess it really doesn’t matter whether they enjoy stepza or notta!

Remarkably, even though Italians eat lots of bread and pasta, yummy foods that our American “carbophobes” seem to steer clear of, I did not see one obese person, not one in 8 days! I saw lots of street scooters, but not ONE slow, motorized sidewalk scooter (used by many overweight young folks in our country who have given up on walking.)

Even though some of us oohed and ahhed before our ascent, we all happily made it up with no boo boos and with better butts.

Even our 70ish-year-old bus driver Luigi (blue shirt at the top of the steps) joined in on the action:


Don’t worry, Sergio and Luigi, I am doing a great job getting American folks to revisit their unused body parts and have successfully gotten many middle-aged folks into awesome shape!

Hopefully my book will motivate thousands of folks to lika the stepza again, like they did when they were young whippersnappers.

Making butts better in Positano

I just returned from an 8-day walking tour of Naples, Italy, and surrounding areas. It was fantastico, to say the least!

There are many amazing highlights but let me just mention the ones here that have to do with asset moving. There were 17 of us in our Classic Journeys tour group and I was the youngest at 47…the oldest was 75!

Remember peeps, this was a walking tour and this is not flat, horizontal Florida! In fact, we climbed up and down thousands of feet on a daily basis. Here, for example, is near-vertical Positano:

Italy 4 Positano
One day we hiked outside Positano to our destination — which included 1,270 steps…I kid you not. Here I am encouraging my fellow hikers to use their assets to push them, rather than rely on their quadriceps (and knees) to do the work and pull them.

Italy 1
I write a lot about disappearing assets and consequent overload on your poor knees in my upcoming book, Move Your Assets: From the chair not the bank!

What a huge success!! We all made it to our destination, Luca and Maria's mountain house thousands of feet up — whine and kvetch-free!

And our reward: Warm Italian hospitality with homemade wine and mozzarella cheese — and we got to make our own pizza! It was one of the best I ever had! And of course lots of whine, I mean wine!

Italy 2
And we made it safely down 1,270 steps with even better butts than we started with!

Italy 3


Try this right now: Lift your purse!

When my clients gripe to me, "I can't lift weights!" I tell them to go get their purse and lift it. Most of them carry purses that weigh a lot more than any weights I'd give them!

OK that's a slight exaggeration, but seriously, how much does your purse weigh?

In my book Move Your Assets: From the Chair not the Bank! I list sources of "unexplained back pain." Here are some of them:

  • Your purse is heavier than your kid.
  • You always carry your purse on the same shoulder.

Take it from me: get yourself a hot-looking back purse and ditch your everyday purse.

You’re okay with a hand or shoulder purse on special occasions, but not for everyday errands and tasks.

Check out this “hottie” that I brought back from Turkey…your mind is in the gutter! The purse! The purse! 

Backpack 1 - cropped

No, you don’t have to travel to a foreign country for an attractive back purse. You can find them anywhere and in any color. 

Not only will it keep your shoulders at the same level so that you’re not throwing your spine off, but your hands are free to carry packages, children, hot Turkish men (ha ha, I know you were thinking it) or anything else you can think of…

Like maybe two arms full of back purses from your favorite department store! (And if you can lift all of that, I promise you can lift any weight I give you!)


Better Butts by Beth—Apparently my butt is a national security threat

You’re always asking me how to get a better butt by Beth, right?

Here’s how (and how you’ll know you have one):


Stay tuned because I’ve got more to say on this subject. And just as I promised I’ll show you some great exercises that will make your butt a lethal weapon, too!



What Would Bethy Say? (Bethy answers YOUR questions!)

Note from Bethy: I’m starting a new column to answer your questions about fitness, eating, whatever.  No, wait, not whatever…  Okay, just email me your questions (bethannesinfo@aol.com) and I’ll answer them right here! Watch this space! Here's your 1st question…

Q. Dear Bethy,

I’ve managed to lose TWO sizes by going to FUNIQ classes 3 times a week and eating like Bethy eats. Now I’m about to go on my dream vacation to Tuscany and I do NOT want to come back weighing a ton. Help!

Damsel in Distress

A. Dear DID,

The only way for you not to gain back those TWO sizes is for me to go with you and monitor everything you eat and do. When do we leave?

LOL, no, seriously YOU can do this yourself (as much as I’d like to go to Tuscany). Here are my tips:

1. Walk don’t ride.

The last time I looked, the elevator in the Leaning Tower of Pisa was broken, so take the stairs. In fact, take the stairs whenever you can. Walk instead of taking public transportation.

Take a look around you and you’ll see most people in Europe walk everywhere. (It’s cheaper and you’ll have money left over to buy me something at Prada.)

2. Bring a resistance tube.

They weigh almost nothing (so TSA won’t complain that you’re over the weight limit) and it’s like carrying an entire gym for less than $15!!!

Use your tube with or without the door-assist strap to do squats with back row, chest press, tricep push-downs, crunches, and tons more, just like we do in class. With that itty bitty tube, you can simulate fancy gym equipment such as the lat pull-down machine and cable pulleys.

Resistance tube 2Chest press with rubber resistance
(Door-assist strap is in door behind me.)

Resistance tube 1
Squat with back row (You'll get an
awesome butt and back–and better posture!)

3. Eat like the locals eat.

I can say this no matter where you’re going outside the US because the US is one of the fattest developed nations in the world. Especially in Italy, you can easily eat a Mediterranean diet morning, noon, and night. That’s the healthiest, least-fatty way to eat.

Even if you have an occasional splurge, because you’re staying active and moving your assets every day, you’ll come home looking great!

And always Move Your Assets at any chance you get (the Italian men love that LOL!)

Your FUNIQ Fitness coach,

Reminder from Bethy: Want me to answer the questions that have been keeping you up at night? Leave them in a comment below or email me at bethannesinfo@aol.com

Watch this space for my brilliant answers!

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Bethanne Weiss teaching on cruise

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Hey, America! Get Up and “Move Your Assets”!

Last month I spent 10 wonderful days in Provence, France. One of the most profound things I noticed is that people walk everywhere, not for exercise but for transportation! (Hmm…walking for a purpose other than exercise? Does that even exist here in the US?) 

One of my major philosophies, which I elaborate on in my upcoming book Move Your Assets, is that if you move for a purpose (other than for fitness) the fitness and weight loss will come! 

Everywhere I went in France, I snapped pictures of crowds. What do you (not) see in these pictures?

France continued 082
  France continued 083

France continued 084
You guessed it; not one obese person! (And I have a bunch more photos like these!)

Not so in the US. Congrats to us…we just won the title of  “Fattest Developed Country in the World.” For the most part, Americans drive everywhere: to the supermarket a half mile away, to the drive-thru (for a 500-calorie coffee LOL), and more.

Heck, kids don’t even walk to bus stops anymore like in the good old days. In my neighborhood, parents drop their kids off at bus stops two blocks from their house. 

We leave our shopping carts in the parking lot because we don’t want to walk 100 feet to return them to the store, let alone to the cart holders that are two spaces away! Hey, we even move our car around the mall parking lot because we’re too lazy to walk!

Do I sound a little frustrated? Well, yeah, I just got another ding on my car because someone let a cart slam into it at the grocery store the other day. How do I know? The cart was still there!

The bottom line? We move (way) less and at the same time eat (way) more. And it’s affecting OUR bottom line. We are the only country in the world to be increasing seat sizes in theme parks, restaurants, theatres, and airplanes to accommodate larger “assets.” And we're the only country where residents can acquire motorized scooters by being too overweight to walk. Congrats again!

According to The Orlando Sentinel, all three area theme parks—Disney, Universal, and SeaWorld—have all had to work to accommodate plus-size customers.

Don’t believe me? Read it yourself: Orlando theme parks, businesses work to accommodate plus-size customers

In 2009, more than 60% of Americans were overweight and half of those were “grossly obese.” This is the average American. Is this where YOU want to be?

Get up right now! Windex your kitchen, walk the dog, play catch with your kid, walk to 7-Eleven. I don’t care what you do; just "move your assets" and don’t be a statistic!

Indulge, Don’t Bulge!

I know it's easy to indulge (and therefore bulge) when you're on a cruise! Like you, I love to "pig out" at the buffet on a cruise, so I'm not
going to be a hypocrite and tell you NOT to eat.

I've been cruising for more than 20 years and here is my #1 tip so I don't come home weighing more than the ship: "Add, don't subtract!" ADD more movement!

How can you do that?

1. Don't use the elevator AT ALL. Take the stairs! Walk to all your meals and daily activities. No elevators!

2. Take a 30-minute walk before breakfast–every day!  (Sorry, your walking tour doesn't count toward this, LOL.)

3.  Don't stop your regular exercise routine just because you're on vacation.

4.  Walk the deck–not just forwards, but backwards and sideways. Add some squats, too.  (Bring a friend so you don't look ridiculous.) 

5. When you're grazing those incredible buffets, look for foods that aren't fried or swimming in oil.  Choose salads that don't have mayo-based dressings and foods that aren't coated with layers of batter.

Want more tips from me about cruising? This week I was interviewed on BlogTalkRadio by TV travel host Marie O'Mara, who is also Chief Romance Officer (yes, that's really her title!) for Honeymoons.com.

Marie asked me how not to gain a size when you go on a cruise–and other tips for staying fit while still enjoying that midnight chocolate buffet, LOL.

You can listen to my brilliant answers by clicking here: www.blogtalkradio.com/marieomara (look for the April 13, 2010, show, "Cruises and Beyond").

Or click on "Cruises and Beyond" here:

Got some cruising tips of your own? Hey, share them with the rest of us by leaving a comment below!

Your FUNIQ Fitness coach,


FUNIQ on Blog Talk Radio!

I love to cruise.  I love to eat on cruises (who doesn't?).  I hate to
come home weighing more than when I got on the ship!

Is it possible NOT to gain weight when you go on a cruise — and still enjoy that tempting midnight chocolate buffet?

Yes!  Join me on Blog Talk Radio as I tell you how!  I'll be a guest Tuesday afternoon on a BTR show all about cruising.  You can listen live right on your computer…or you can listen later online on-demand any time you want!

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