April 27, 2017 The Asset Queen

Move Your Assets Ladies Retreat

Assets were moved; lives were changed

20ish lovely ladies dancing our assets off

Twentyish lovely ladies gathered at the humble abode, and FUNIQ™ home studio, of moi’ The Asset Queen last Friday, April 21st for four hours of FUN, asset-moving, eating, learning and shmoozing! Most of the ladies were new to my asset-moving shtik and probably had no clue what to expect. Fiveish ladies are regular student of mine, a few had read my book, and some were attendees of the Spark Ladies Retreat where I was one of the presenters. I am happy to report that there were no casualties (LOL), eyes and girls were front at at all times (yes, those girls), and smiles were plastered from ear-to-ear throughout the day. Best of all, there were very few kvetches about ailments, aches, and pains in the assets…well except, of course, for the ones we are married to! Just kidding, we all love our better, uh, other halves. 🙂 In fact, some of the ladies left feeling better than they had in years. 60ish-year-young Irma Cohen, began her day with back pain and reported to be 95% better even days later…no kidding!

There was a lot thrown at these ladies in four hours.  I even threw large med balls at them…JOKING! My goal was to teach a few simple moving and eating tweaks that can easily be applied to walks, meals, and life in general. With 30 years experience moving assets from chairs and teaching peops like you and me to be fit and healthy, it is blatantly apparent that “tiny tweaks” will yield “big benefits” and create lotza joy whilst dramatically reducing kvetching about aches, ailments, and jiggly areas for good!

Here is a recap of the “Top Ten Tiny Tweaks” that I shared with the lovely group asset queens in training:

  • Make this your asset-moving mantra: Stand when you can sit, walk when you can stand, and run (or walk very briskly) when you can walk.
  • When walking, add movements in all directions: sideways, backwards, upside down (uh, just kidding with the latter). Pump your arms backwards, overhead, sideways, punch, and even simply hold your arms over head. Wake up those dozing muscles that have been plotzed on cinder blocks for umpteen years. Pick five of your favs for your walk and do at least 20 reps of each. Repeat.

    20ish ladies moving their fine assets and other body parts, with me, on the Seminole Wekiva Trail

  • Find creative ways to do 10 minute bouts of asset moving throughout the day. Put your shopping cart away (I’m watching), skip the drive-thru, park further, your idea here_______. Absolutely move at least 10 minutes after EVERY meal. This will not only help with digestion but can prevent type 2 diabetes. I elaborate about this in my book and you can read more here.
  • Avoid sitting as much as possible and get up every 30 minutes to move those fine young assets of yours for five. If you must sit, avoid using the back of chair and instead use your trunk muscles to support you. This will transform your beautiful bod and strengthen your lovely core better than any crunch will. See next bullet point.
  • Eyes and girls front at all times (yes, those girls) and imagine that you have a beanstalk running through your body and out the top of your head where your fav glass of California cab is plotzing. Details here.
  • HALF of everything you eat MUST come from nutrient dense fruits and veggies. Check out Bethy’s plate here
  • Your meal must fit on one plate and resemble this plate here
  • Make sure sugar is not one of the first five ingredients on the label list. Lotza your fav protein bars are the equivalent of a candy bar with extra calories from protein :0
  • Make sure you recognize most of the ingredients on the label list and they are as close to G-d’s form as possible. The less ingredients on the list, the better. For example, if the only ingredient on that package of Old Fashioned Oatmeal is “whole grain rolled oats” you are in great shape! Pun intended.

I can go on and on but even I’m getting a little verclempt with all the info! Feel free to search my blog here for some great tips to move your (fine young) assets and eat less (crap)! Stay tuned for upcoming  MYA Ladies Retreats and the first annual MYA Ladies Cruise from Port Canaveral coming this Fall.


“My mission is NOT to make you an Olympic athlete;  it is to PREVENT you from being the star of the ‘I’ve fallen and I can’t get up commercial!’ Stick with me so there will be no slow-moving motorized scooters, no grab bars installed by your toilette’, and no deprivation diets ever again… in YOUR future!”—Luv, The Asset Queen

Bethanne Weiss B.S., is an Orlando based motivational speaker, author, and ACE-certified fitness and nutrition profession with 30 years of moving assets from chairs and changing lives. MoveYourAssets.com

Love my AQ wisdom? You can read lots more in my book, Move Your Assets: From the Chair, Not the Bank! 


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