Brussel Sprouts-Tastier Than French Fries?

Would you believe me if I told you that you can get your kids to eat, and actually enjoy, brussel sprouts? I know our hubbies are not great fans either; they have memories of mama force feeding them with the horrendously smelling green balls…Eeww!…Not a pleasant memory. So imagine my hubby’s surprise when I whipped up a batch of these absolutely delicious yet nutrient dense little balls of joy!

Yummy sweet & salty little balls of joy

Jeffrey took one bite of the green delight and said, “If people knew that eating healthy could taste this good, there would be no need to eat French Fries!” Pause, pace, and absorb the profundity of my husband’s statement, and with NO solicited compliment fishing from me whatsoever…I pinky swear! And if that’s not enough to inspire you to stink up your kitchen with Eau de brussel sprouts, 54 year young Miriam Argov (one of my clients and fav asset queens) had this to say about the yummy little love balls: “So  good. You don’t need any candy or cake and it’s so much better for you.”  And her 15 year old daughter Sappir is in full agreement, right Sappir?

Don’t take our word for it, try this simple easy recipe for yourself and make as much as you can in one batch. It’s SO low calorie, you can really pig-out and never have to worry about accumulating excess trunk junk. I don’t measure, I just mix stuff to taste and I go light on the oil and balsamic:

  • Cut brussel sprouts in half and microwave for 4-5 minutes in microwave-safe bag or dish to soften (I do this in 2 shifts cuz I make a giant BJs bag).
  • Mix in big bowl w/raspberry balsamic, minced garlic, a little bit of sea salt, mixed peppercorns, and brush with a little bit of olive oil.
  • Roast for 25ish minutes at 450; more or less depending upon how crispy you want them.

The sweetness of the raspberry juice adds some flavor, but very few calories.  Hopefully, this will keep the kiddies, the hubbies, (and us) from grabbing empty calorie cakes, cookies, and French Fries…even some of the time. Oh, and make sure to keep the kitchen vent on full blast, and light some deliciously scented candles whilst embarking on your brussel sprout cooking endeavor. Enjoy, share with everyone you know who wants to (finally) eat healthier, and let me know if they stink, I mean, let me know what you think! —Luv, The Asset Queen

“My mission is NOT to make you an Olympic athlete;  it is to PREVENT you from being the star of the ‘I’ve fallen and I can’t get up commercial!’ Stick with me so there will be no slow-moving motorized scooters, no grab bars installed by your toilette’, and no deprivation diets ever again… in YOUR future!”—Luv, The Asset Queen

Bethanne Weiss B.S., is an Orlando based motivational speaker, author, and ACE-certified fitness and nutrition profession with 30 years of moving assets from chairs and changing lives.

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