Tales From the Hood: Uh, Nursing Home, That is!


Yeah, I figured that "hood" would better get your attention than "nursing home"!


Bethy laughing her assets off as she falls on daddy (aka Man-ee-ac)


As The (self-titled) Asset-Queen, I LOVE filling your life with my inspirational, thought-provoking quips and splendid little tips to motivate you out of your seat and on to your feet. That is why I wrote Move Your Assets: From the Chair, Not the Bank! and why I continue to motivate others to move their assets on a daily basis. Sometimes I (aka moi', the AQ) need to kvetch (vent) too, so here goes:

I have spent more than four years of my life taking care of two extremely needy parents. This includes moving them 23 times (including separate hospital stays), handling their finances, being their advocate, changing diapers, yada yada yada. I used to be scared of nursing homes as a kid and vowed that I'd never be able to enter one. Not only do I visit Island Lake Center almost daily, but staff and residents all know me by name…THESE are my buddies now! Today, a staff member saw me in the elevator and said, "Man, you visit here more than any other family member that I've ever seen!" Well peops, I did not see this one coming! I never thought that I would be given such an awesome responsibility and have to make life decisions for both of my parents on a daily basis. So how do I handle the caregiving of two parents?:

            ~ I move my assets for at least 45 minutes on the trail (to decompress) as soon as I leave my parents; a glass of vino a little later, of course, doesn't hurt either. 🙂

            ~ I laugh my assets off (as you can see from the above picture) as much as possible.

            ~ I put the oxygen on myself SO I have the mental and physical strength to assist others. Check out my Caregiver Confessions video HERE and be inspired.

I urge you to move your assets, physically and mentally, so you can keep up with all the curve balls that life WILL throw at you!