Change a life or two or three! Move Your Assets makes a great holiday gift—and it’s a fraction of the cost of one mani-pedi!


My long-awaited book—Move Your Assets: From the Chair, Not the Bank!—made its debut last week and the positive praise is flying in (like moi entering a room)…


"This book is clever, funny, and delivers clear and really important messages. I was reading it on the airplane – which made for a flight that felt very long because all I wanted to do was get up and move my assets!" Rachel S.

"This is a very funny, yet educational book on a very serious subject. As diabetes and arthritis takes ahold of our aging (and "bigger") bodies, we are reminded by Mrs. Weiss how important it is to stay in shape – and making us get into hysterics page by page. Maybe we will get lucky and Beth will get her own TV show!!!" David

"Thanks for helping me bounce back after baby! When you have a little one you definitely need to be able to move your assets! Congratulations on the book! I've started reading it and it's so good!" Amy N.



Move Your Assets: From the Chair, Not the Bank! will inspire you to get fit and healthy beyond your wildest dreams—without ever uttering the words workout, exercise, or diet.
“Have you repeatedly indulged in the latest and greatest pill, potion, or lotion?” Bethanne asks. “You know, the one that promised to remove the umpteen kilos of junk from your trunk? Or maybe you’ve been sucked in by the Zippity Zappity Crappity Diet book and then re-gifted it to your sista-in-law last Hanukkah or Christmas. Yet admit it: You’re kvetching more than ever about your jiggles, oohs and ahhs. Then it’s time to walk with me and let’s discuss.”
With humor, science, and a little Yiddish, Bethanne proves that if you move more, you’ll kvetch less—and have far less aches, ailments and jiggly areas than non-movers have. In Bethanne’s new book you’ll read inspiring stories of dozens of women and men—some in their 70s including many you know and love—who’ve completely changed their lives and bodies simply by following the Asset Queen’s 11th commandment.

* * *

The Asset Queen, Bethanne L. Weiss, B.S., is an author and ACE-certified fitness and nutrition professional with more than 25 years of experience moving assets from chairs and changing lives.
Move Your Assets: From the Chair Not the Bank! is available on Amazon.

Ask the Asset Queen: “What’s the best “exericise for my core?”

You: "Hey, Asset Queen…"


Moi: "Yes Dahlink, (New Yawk Jewish for darling) how may I help you?"


You: "I sit a lot, my posture sucks and I'm all hunched over. My back and neck hurt all the time; I get injured when I carry a hefty piece of paper. Peops always ask me if I'm pregnant and I'm a guy. What is the best exercise to strengthen my core?"

Kyphosis cartoon

Moi: "Well first of all sista (or brotha) let's get that dreaded, filthy "E" word (aka exercise) out of your vocabulary now. Eeewww! For now on, you simply move your fine young assets the way they are meant to move.

HMMM, I think you'll be quite flabbergasted when I reveal the answer so let me turn your question into a pop quiz for YOU! (Just a little preview of the cute little quizzes that I will be thowin' at ya in my book.)"

Moi's question for you: "If you in any way resemble that lovely creature above (uh, not that lovely creature WAY above, the hideous, hunched-over green guy sportin' the lantern) and are like most Americans who spend 14 out of their 16 waking hours seated, which of the following simple moves do YOU believe is the best one to improve overall core strength and posture whilst reducing kvetching about back pain and food babies?"(By the way your core is everything on your bod minus your arms and legs):

     A. The abdominal crunch

     B. The plank

     C. Bicycling

     D. Sit ups

     E. None of the above

And the answer is (drum roll please…)

Actually peops I am going to let you ponder on this one and I'll get back to you in a few days with the best answer. The simplicity of the answer will absolutely blow your mind and give you a serious poch en tuchus (yiddish for smack in the assets!) 

Lots more of my smart assets quips, life changing tips as well as answers to your Kvetches, (ooh I'm sorry, your "questions") in my sassy book, Move Your Assets: From the Chair, Not the Bank! available on

But for now, I would love to hear what you believe is the best core exercise for you. Ponder (preferably whilst pacing) on this question and send your answer to me ASAP at or post it on my FB fanpage.

Ooh I'm extremely verklempt in anticipation of your astounding response!