It’s time to get FUNIQ!

It's time, sistas

If you've been unsuccessful in all of your asset moving and crap cutting (aka healthier eating) endeavors thus far, there is no need to kvetch anymore…the Asset Queen is here to help!

Asset queen

Moi' the (self-titled) Asset Queen


You can be 50ish and fabulous just like us (when you grow up!)

Not only will you be kvetching less about aches and ailments, after just a few classes or sessions with moi, but you will be jiggling WAY less as well. Just ask Robin Lerner, one of the loyal subjects of my asset moving queendom (LOL, that's funny…just made that up!) And believe it or not, Robin is 50 something! Wait…WHAT??

Robin 5

Robin L. Fit, FUNIQ and fabulous at fifty something


So Fun and Unique (aka FUNIQ) that you will be a new person in just one hour!

Classes meet Mondays and Wednesday from 9:30 – 10:30 AM for an amazingly FUN yet extremely challenging power packed hour. You will really impress yourself as you learn to move and use those good ole assets, as well as other body parts, that have been plotzed up on cinder blocks for the last umpteen years! I can guarantee that you will feel so great after your first class that you will be crying (in a good way) for more and more.

I'm in! Where to I sign?

No contracts, no gimmicks. The FUNIQ private studio is in my home in Longwood, FL. Contact me and I will email my address. Your first class is free and then you can buy a punch card of 5 classes for $60, or $15 per class.

What if I prefer one on one and on my own time?

If these times don't work, we can arrange one on one (or 2 or 3 on one) at my studio or I can bring my asset moving queendom to your turf (minus my posse, of course!) I do one on one training house calls for $50/session. You can add a buddy for only $10 more (yes $30 each!) Ask me about private small groups.

What if I want to learn how to eat less crap?

Besides being an ACE certified Personal and Group Trainer for almost 30 years, I am also and ACE certified Fitness Nutrition Specialist. I can show you and your posse how to make awesome choices when it comes to eating "right" (which translates to ingesting mostly nutrient dense foods.)  It will really blow your mind when you find out how much crap (aka empty calories) you are cluelessly ingesting! I can even take you on a shopping excursion to your favorite grocery store; yes even the Piggly Wiggly!

I am looking forward to moving your assets and getting you in the best shape of your life and beyond!

For more info and sign up contact me at at 407.491.8107 or