“You actually walked here?”

I know you’ve missed my snappy little tips and smart asset quips and yes I have gone MIA with my blogposts for quite some time

I will fill you on some life challenges that have occupied my time in next blog post, but you know me. When something profound in the asset moving world inspires me to share I need to just let it all out NOW!

Divine inspiration

Every Sunday I walk to Walgreens to get the newspaper and sometimes large amounts of sale – priced paper products which make me stick out like a sore thumb on my trek home on the Seminle Wekiva trail. Today, a young whippersnapper of a Walgreens employee blirted out,

 “You actually walked here?”…

…in response to my request to a 60ish Walgreens employee to please put my newspaper in a plastic bag to make my journey home easier whlist avoiding getting smelly newsprint all over my sweaty body. Ewww, I didn’t actually share the latter part.

Please pause and absorb the profoundness of this (and walk forwards, side to side and backwards whilst absorbing)

Brain fart
The premise of actually walking to and into a store shocked this 20 something year old fine, young overweight lady probably because her mama searches for the closest parking spot, doesn’t return her freakin’ shopping cart to the rack and frequents drive up windows. You will read much more about these pet peeves of mine in my upcoming book Move Your Assets: From the chair not the bank! and you can read about the latter peeve here, but don’t get me started right now.

Hmmm two cars per household in the USA

It’s amazing to me how very few people these days  don’t rely on their own bods for transportation in our beautiful US of A. In my day and in yours too, we biked and walked everywhere for fun transportation and never thought of it as exercise. When mommy called us in for supper, we’d say “10 more minutes” so we can finish our game of Ringo Levio (Italian for tag; I’m still hung up on that inspirational Italy trip that you can read about here.) It’s pretty frightening how difficult it is to get peops nowadays even off the couch, especially kids. But it’s (usually) not too tough with our Ryan, Talia and Adam; you will read a lot more about how asset moving parents are obviously more likely to have asset moving kids in my book as well.

By the way, the average family in France (and Itlaly) have less than one car per household while the average American has two, so this has lots to do with the fact that we have the need to bring the automobile everywhere


HMMM, I don’t think we are fitting a family of five in here

I threw in this Bethy tangent about Europe (lots of Bethy tangents in the book) because Jeffrey and I recently returned from a 2 week vacation in France. Incredibly everyone moves his/her assets and everywhere well into their 60s 70s and beyond. (Almost identical stats in Italy.) Even more incredibly, we saw only two very overweight people during the entire two weeks and guess where their accents indicated they were from? Can someone say the lovely US of A?

Profound Bethy conclusion

Only in this country would a young store employee be flabbergasted  that a relatively young customer actually made it there on “feets” even if they look like these…

Beth's funky feet 004

Yes those really are my funky feest and I manage to move my assets around the world with those flapjacks, so you can stop laughing and get on yours NOW