April 6, 2014 The Asset Queen

Still kvetching when you have to go up one flight of steps??

The choice is yours whether or not you are going to continue to use your muscles or trade them in for a motorized scooter in a few years…and I am not referring to the cool Italian ones! Check out my clients Dick and Dottie who move their assets with me as well as up and down steps daily!

Dick and dottie plank

Most people 1/2 their age can't hold a perfect plank like this, let alone get out of a car or off of a toilet without oohing, ahhing and grabbing onto to any somewhat stationary device to assist. Did I mention that he is 79 and she is 76? It's never too late! Let them inspire you too get off of your seat and onto you feet! Much more about Dick and Dottie in my upcoming book: Move Your Assets: From the Chair Not the Bank.