March 16, 2014 The Asset Queen

Tales from the Trail: One-legged girl wanted!

I have introduced you to some pretty inspirational peops that I’ve met on the Seminole Wekiva Trail,  who like me, realize that the benefits of moving their assets sure outweigh the consequences of sitting on them. I interviewed Betty and her two greyhounds whilst walking them on her 80th birthday, Edgar who was training for the Boston Marathon and is legally blind, as well as Dexter who has both arms intact but chooses to keep them off of the handles when he rides his bicycle daily. Now I’m searching for the one-legged girl on the racing bike…

Bicycle 1

…Have you seen her?

This morning at about 8 am two chicks (not birdies, but women) on bikes sped passed me in the opposite direction. I did a triple take because I swore that one of the girls had one leg…she wasn’t hiding a limb like Dex. The girls moved like lightening so by the time I reached for my cell phone, to snap a pic, they were long gone.

Needless to say I was pretty awestruck by this

And you should be too especially if you are still rolling around in bed on Sunday morning and then directly onto the couch with your Ipad whilst kvetching about your aches and ailments! And don’t give me that crap about taking a rest day…yes your mind probably needs a rest from your rough work week, but I know that your bod did not work hard enough to warrant a full day of Sunday plotzing!

Bethy, get to the point

My point is, and especially after encountering the one legged girl, we have no excuse to not move our assets especially on a Sunday morning! What did you say? it takes too long to pack up the kiddies?

Jamie and dave on trail

Jamie and Dave and their two girls happily strolling on the trail…one a litte camera shy!


Amanda running

Amanda runs every Sunday with her three kids and usually her husband. She pushes her youngest in the jogger stroller whilst the other two bike along side of her

So, now I got you feeling a little guilty about making your Sunday morning all about going to brunch?!No problem, why don’t you take the family and walk there? …and then you can walk to church! Oh and on your way, if you see the one-legged girl please snap a photo and email it to me. Thanks 🙂