January 28, 2014 The Asset Queen

Bethy’s Thought of the Day

Bethy Tangent:  Haven't you always noticed how “endorphin” and “morphine” both curiously have the “phin(e)” suffix? 

Bethy thought

Ok, maybe you haven't but obviously I have!

Interestingly, endorphin is a contraction of the two words “endogenous” and “morphine” intended to mean "a morphine-like substance originating from within the body." Wow!  So moving your assets can actually get you “high?”  Why would you choose to sit on your assets, which cannot possibly evoke this type of feeling, could it? No, it absolutely can't and when you read Section II of my upcoming book, Move Your Assets: From the Chair Not the Bank, you will learn why it might be scientifically impossible to ever release stress -  reducing, mood – enhancing, feel -  good chemicals if you don't move those fine young assets of yours!

Feel good chems

FYI there will be lots of “Bethy Tangents” in Move Your Assets.

It is my effort to forewarn you before I whirl off the main topic. Yes,my "all over the place" nature is reflected even in my writing. I  have so many life – changing tips and smart – asset quips to share and don't want to leave out a thing!