Bethy’s Thought of the Day

Bethy Tangent:  Haven't you always noticed how “endorphin” and “morphine” both curiously have the “phin(e)” suffix? 

Bethy thought

Ok, maybe you haven't but obviously I have!

Interestingly, endorphin is a contraction of the two words “endogenous” and “morphine” intended to mean "a morphine-like substance originating from within the body." Wow!  So moving your assets can actually get you “high?”  Why would you choose to sit on your assets, which cannot possibly evoke this type of feeling, could it? No, it absolutely can't and when you read Section II of my upcoming book, Move Your Assets: From the Chair Not the Bank, you will learn why it might be scientifically impossible to ever release stress -  reducing, mood – enhancing, feel -  good chemicals if you don't move those fine young assets of yours!

Feel good chems

FYI there will be lots of “Bethy Tangents” in Move Your Assets.

It is my effort to forewarn you before I whirl off the main topic. Yes,my "all over the place" nature is reflected even in my writing. I  have so many life – changing tips and smart – asset quips to share and don't want to leave out a thing!

Do you want stinky, rotting dying cells?

 Did you know that our bodies are made of trillions of cells that live for a few weeks or months and then die and are (hopefully) replaced by new cells? So, theoretically, you will have brand new muscles, bones and other organs in a few months… no kidding.  Moving your assets will promote this growth and renewal and inactivity will cause your cells to decay and die. EWWWW…rotting, smelly cells (ok I added the smelly for effect!!) Why would anyone choose the latter when our bodies are designed to age slowly and remarkably well if we chose to move our assets and not sit on them.


Many more awesome little tidbits of info like this and Dermcidin, a natural anti-biotic produced when we sweat, in my upcoming book, Move Your Assets: From the Chair Not the Bank. You might want to start moving your assets now or else your going to have to buy my sweat to cure your infections. EWWWW again!

Puffy Punk Rock Bethy: My before and after pix

Yes that is really me at 19 (and my Billy Idol hair don't) fully equipped with beer and cig! Back then I was probably more likely to get a tatoo of a skull on my assets than to actually move them! Thank G-d that I chose to go with the latter as I "grew up!" And thank G-d that I only "fudged" with my hair and I have no funky tats in my ripe middle ages; well as far as I know.

Bethy white hair

Yes, I lost the hair, the cigarette AND lost the chubbette.

Bethy sexy

I am 50 and I can honestly say I’m in the best shape I’ve ever been in my life—and that’s in spite of disabilities, not so great genetics and this last doozy of a spinal catastrophe that you can read about below! How do I do it? By living by the 11th commandment…

Thou shalt move thy assets more and eat less (crap!) 



Urgent message from the asset queen: move your assets OR ELSE!

If you would have told me five weeks ago, when I was writhing on the floor in the most escrutiating agony I have ever experienced in my 48 years, that this would be me this week…


Bethy after surgery

…I would have said that you were meshuga!


Assets (temporarily) frozen

In fact I was ready to throw the towel in on my life's purpose of encouraging you (and me) to move our assets since mine were (temporarily) "frozen" and I saw no light at the asset moving tunnel.
Peops, have faith and patience in yourself and your body…it wants to heal…it truly does! It wants to take you on trips around the world and to shopping malls and on long walks with your "love man" and maybe even a game of tackle football with your stepson…or, maybe not!

Bethy, what is your point?

My point is you must keep your body fit and strong, so in case you do suffer an unforeseen physical or mental trauma, you are well prepared for the healing! I am living proof that after two major back sugeries just six weeks apart, you can come back strong at age 48 or older, if you don't let sarcopenia get you! You will hear a lot more about sarcopenia and disappearing assets in my next blog post as well as in my upcoming book, Move Your Assets: From the Chair Not the Bank, which I almost threw the towel in on too! OY VEY,that would not have been good since you've been hearing about this freakin' book for umpteen years!

Move Your Assets OR ELSE

 Take if from me and Isaac Newton:

"A body in motion tends to stay in motion unless acted on by an outside force"

HMMM, outside force – do you mean the ones that we actually elect to take us out of motion such as drive thrus, cars, computers, cell phones…yada yada yada! How many "forces" can you rattle off that have kept you sitting on rather than moving your assets?

If you decide to throw the towel in on your asset moving, be prepared for some seriously undesirable consequences such as not being able to move your assets, even for a simple walk, without causing injury to knees, hips, back, bones and other organs. Heed my warning now and have walks with friends instead of words with friends, or you will not be walking, let alone getting off the toilet and out of the car without difficulty, in a few years.


A body in motion tends to stay in motion unless acted on by an outside force