Bethy’s (and Picasso’s) thought of the day

“All children are artists. The problem is how to remain an artist once he grows up.”
—Pablo Picasso

“All children are movers. The challenge is how to remain a mover once he grows up.”

Children moving

Client spotlight: Who is that gloved grandma?

Susie KleimanMeet 67-year-old Susie Kleiman.

Believe it or not this grandmother of 6 and mother of 4 sons had her hip replaced just 3 months before she started coming to work out with me…I kid you not!

Susie doesn’t have to read my upcoming book Move Your Assets (but she probably will anyway) to know that the benefits of moving her assets far outweigh the numerous complications of sitting on them.

In fact, in the section of my book called “Why should we move our assets when they don’t want to move?” you’ll read dozens of awesome answers (AKA reasons) that will motivate you off your seat and on to your feet. Some of these benefits include:

  • You want more energy to keep up with your (grand)kids!
  • You want to get rid of those constant aches and pains (and it’s too expensive to divorce the biggest pain)!
  • You want to encourage your (grand)kids to move their assets more!
  • You want to look and feel awesome!

It is no coincidence that Susie is experiencing all these benefits and more! I mean, you can already see that she does look awesome!

And how does she feel? After just 2 sessions with me Susie’s pain and stiffness were significantly reduced and her strength, and her stamina and flexibility are dramatically increasing.

The other day Susie came for her session after taking off for a few weeks due to traveling as well as sickness; she was not exactly raring to go! In fact she warned, “Maybe we should take it easy and just do some stretches.”

Sure Susie…yeah right! You know me! After 1 hour of moving her assets Susie was smiling from ear to ear and said she felt so much better and was so glad she didn’t cancel!

Not ONE person!

In more than 25 years of encouraging others to move their assets (even my own) I’ve never encountered ONE person who didn’t feel better afterwards…not ONE! (Hmmm and that’s why I’m writing a book!)

How many grandmas do you know who actually get their grandkids to do exerball, band and kickbox workouts with them rather than plotz their assets on the couch while the grandkids chase their own tails?

"We have another grandchild on the way so I definitely have to stay in shape to keep up with them!" Susie says. Her grandkids simply expect that she'll be moving her assets with them when they come for a visit!

No rest for this grandma on her next family vacation, with all her kids and their kids, to celebrate her and Ed’s anniversary (who by the way is not a constant pain in the assets!!).

Save 10,000 per month!!

This sure got my attention:

Save 10,000--front
…and I’m sure if you stumbled upon that itty-bitty sign, in barely conspicuous colors of bright red and yellow, down the salad dressing aisle at Publix or your own grocery store, it would tug at your assets, too!

Wow, what an awesome way to lure us to that bottle of dressing. Let’s see what this is…Of course I had to pick it up…the flip side of reads:

Save 10,000--back
Smart, smart, smart, Walden Farms! You go, girl! (Or guy or whomever you are!) I could not have found a better way to tell people to stop having some lettuce, celery and cukes with that bowl of ranch dressing — though I try and try all the time. I wrote about it here: "Watch where you stab that salad fork!" And I even include it in my upcoming book, Move Your Assets, under “crap to absolutely avoid!”

Are you getting it yet??

You are wasting so many unneeded, high-fat calories on the crap that you dump on your perfectly innocent and healthy veggies and grilled chicken — but you just aren’t getting it yet!! AARGH!!

This is Stefanie, one of my amazing clients, who’s in awesome shape and knows how to cut down on the “crap” in her daily intake (because I drill it into her head offtimes):

Stefanie works as a server at a local restaurant chain. She says that customers order dressing (usually ranch) on the side, which comes in a 4-ounce cup.

Instead of dipping their forks lightly into the dressing and then into the lettuce, as I advise, they proceed to dump the entire cup of dressing on their “salad,” which is already laden with fats such as cheese, bacon and crispy (instead of grilled) chicken.

People, just 1 ounce of ranch dressing and most other fat-based dressings has a whopping 100 calories!! It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know that you just dumped and extra 400 calories on your already high-fat salad! OY VEY!!

I am sure Steffie wants to ask her customers, “Why do you bother ordering dressing on the side if you’re just going to plotz it all on?” but apparently she holds back cuz she’s nicer than me.

How to lose the fat

And remember, peeps, there are 3,500 calories in a pound of fat, so if you simply cut out that fatty dressing we are talking losing almost 3 pounds per month of fat.

And in case you were wondering, yes, I did buy the Walden Farms raspberry dressing — which is fat free, sugar free, and calorie free! It is actually pretty good. It contains white vinegar, apple cider vinegar, lemon juice and one preservative.

And apple cider vinegar has some amazing benefits as well as being calorie free. Read here.

My advice

You know you want it. Here it is: Lose the fatty dressings all together and use spices, sesame seeds (which I told you about here) and balsamic/red wine and apple cider vinegar instead.

If you must use dressings, skip the creamy ones and dip your fork into a side cup of it before you dip it in the lettuce — instead of hiding your salad in it!

Bethy’s deep thought of the day: The cure for early morning aches and pains

Bethy's deep thought 1Have you noticed that your chronic aches and ailments seem most severe when you wake up and (attempt to) get out of bed?

You can’t imagine how many people tell me that their stuffy noses, aching knees, backs, assets and other parts seem to ease up as they get in the groove and start to move…

DUH!! You’ve been in the same position for umpteen hours…especially if you were a pure couch potato, equipped with remote, before you actually went to sleep!

Why do you think I have spent five years of my life writing Move Your Assets: From the Chair, Not the Bank? Because I (and my tribe of Better Butts customers) know firsthand that simply moving can cure most of your sedentary ills!

My own serious morning aches and pains

Just this morning I woke up with some serious pain in my right ankle. I could barely step on it to get out of bed. (You can read much more about my freekazoid feet in my book.) Being barefoot is a no-no for me. As soon as I put my sneakers on and walk on the trail, the pain actually subsides drastically and so do all my other ailments.

You are truly missing out on some joyous, energizing, creative and pain-free days if you begin your day by plotzing down with newspaper and breakfast without allowing movement to cure you. I especially feel sorry for folks who do that and then step into their car to sit, even longer, and in a terrible posture…OY VEY!

Treat yourself right

Do yourself a huge favor and devote even 20 minutes to a walk or any activity of your choosing — even Windex every freakin’ mirror in the house, I don’t care what activity you pick — before breakfast (and with your morning coffee, of course).

Don’t worry, smart asset; you have enough energy storage in your body parts to get you through this 20 minutes. You don’t have to eat the moment you roll out of bed! (Though to me, the coffee is a necessity!)

Coffee on the Trail 4
Luv, @AssetQueen AQ-Crown-Only