Better Butts by Beth—Tawking on the phone

How’s that butt? Is it better?

It is if you’ve been watching my videos, reading my posts and most importantly, doing the exercises I’m sharing with you!

If you missed them, you can watch them here, here, and here.

So here’s one of my favorite ways to get a better butt: Talk on the phone.

You think I’m kidding, right? When I say “talk” (well, I say “tawk,” but you know what I mean), I don’t also mean “sit on your assets at the same time.” I mean “move your assets while you’re talking.”

While you’re on the phone you can clean your kitchen, spritz your windows, pick up laundry, and by the time you finish that telcon with your BFF, your house will be clean.

Or you can do some great exercises while you talk on the phone:

Talking on phone 1

Need more? Can’t get enough of this stuff? Come to my unique FUNIQ class or I can even come to you!


Better Butts by Beth–How to walk the walk

I'm right in the middle of a new series on how to have a better butt by Beth. If you missed my last post, just click here to watch me explain why your knees hurt.

If you want a better butt — as well as a better heart, better bones, and better other parts — you need to add some variety to your life (well, at least to your walk!). 

Here’s how you should be walking:



Better Butts by Beth—Do your knees hurt?

A few days ago I started a new series here on how to have a better butt by Beth. (Did you miss it? Then click here to watch me explain how my very own butt is a national security threat.)

So now I want to answer the question I know you are asking: "What does a better butt have to do with my knees?"

A lot.

Has it ever occurred to you that your knees began hurting when you bought that 1-story house and you stopped climbing stairs like you did years ago?

Or when you forgot that you can actually take the stairs at the mall but instead you mindlessly use escalators and elevators?

So what happened?

So now your gluteus maximus muscles (the ones that are supposed to comprise most of your assets) don’t have the strength to help you “climb." Why? Because they shrunk up exorbitantly from too much sitting. Instead you've replaced them with oodles of fat.

As a result your poor knees have to take the brunt of the load. Do yah think maybe that’s one of the reasons why they hurt? 

No? I guess you're not getting that yet. Don’t worry I'll elaborate on sleeping assets in my book, Move Your Assets. Once you read it you'll understand that lots of your aches and ailments began brewing when you curtailed moving your assets the way man and (and lady) is meant to.

My latest video

But for now, let me show you some awesome and creative ways to move your assets right at home — starting with your stairs:


Amazing, huh? You can actually use your stairs as exercise equipment — and get a better butt at the same time!

Take the stairs!

So stop telling me you want a house without stairs, like some of those guests on the show House Hunters. Oy vey, I get so pissy when people half my age request a house with no stairs!

We were built for climbing freakin' mountains! Nowadays you have the luxury of having steps to make your trek easier and you still avoid them like the plague at the mall and take the escalator instead!

Don’t get me started.

Have I convinced you? If you, too, want a better butt, think of your stairs as your new BFF!

Better Butts by Beth—Apparently my butt is a national security threat

You’re always asking me how to get a better butt by Beth, right?

Here’s how (and how you’ll know you have one):


Stay tuned because I’ve got more to say on this subject. And just as I promised I’ll show you some great exercises that will make your butt a lethal weapon, too!



Human sweat: A natural antibiotic???

That got your attention, didn't it! You know I don't shy away from any subject LOL. I mean, who else is gonna tell you about sweat? Sweat 1

Since I’ve been an avid asset mover, I rarely get sick, even when I’m around sick people. (That's another of my awesome motivations for writing my upcoming book, Move Your Assets: From the chair not the bank.)

If I do get sick, it's very short lived. It seems that most of my clients and other avid asset movers have the same claim to fame.


I always sensed there was a really “scientific” basis for feeling awesome after sweating out the sickness.

I just knew there had to be some logical reason, besides just some good mood-producing drugs, that people like my client Robin Lerner tell me her workout with me last week cured her of her ills.

Why, I wondered, do I (and so many others) feel like we sweat the sickness out? 

Sick 1

And then 1 week ago an answer came to me in the form of an email from Diana Scimone, one of my amazing clients, friends and the person who kicked my assets to write this book. 

The subject line read, “Human Sweat: A Natural Antibiotic” and she prefaced her email by saying, “This is amazing — and one more reason why it's so good to sweat when you feel icky!”

She included a link to an article in Science Daily that quoted doctors and scientists doing research on human sweat. They found that sweat acts as (wait for it) an antibiotic and it's called Dermcidin.

Yes, that sweat that pours off you when you're moving your assets actually fights off "bacteria, fungi, and, viruses."

Pretty amazing, isn't it?

You know me by now…I cannot get enough of this stuff! Here are some excerpts from this amazing report:

"An international team of scientists has discovered how an important natural antibiotic called dermcidin, produced by our skin when we sweat, is a highly efficient tool to fight tuberculosis germs and other dangerous bugs…

"Sweat spreads highly efficient antibiotics on to our skin, which protect us from dangerous bugs."

When I stumble across research that substantiates all the findings that Grandpa Sol and I just seem to inherently get, it makes me so excited to be able to share with you!

What, you don't know who Grandpa Sol is? Oh, you'll meet him in my book — and you'll love him!

Meanwhile, here's the amazing article that will tell you why, when you feel sick, you  need to move: Human Sweat: A Natural Antibiotic

Bottom line? When you feel sick, move those assets and sweat! You'll feel a lot better!

Sick 2