Watch where you stab that salad fork!

One of the purposes of my upcoming book, Move Your Assets: From the Chair not the Bank, is to get you to conduct your own studies by tapping into your own intuition instead of reading biased studies.

I also encourage you to make your own observations just by watching what people order at restaurants and watching how much or little they move. You learn so much…enough to write an entire freakin’ book!

People who actually listen to me and have a little "me" on their shoulder constantly saying, “Move more and eat less (crap),” are making some amazing little discoveries on their own. 

One of my clients works at a pretty famous national restaurant chain here in Orlando, which shall remain unnamed! She told me she has observed customers ordering a salad..

Salad 1 cropped
that’s piled with bacon…

Bacon 1

Cheese 2

and fried chicken!

Fried chicken 1
Then they order “dressing on the side" (and probably the infamous Diet Coke as well, since that neutralizes everything LOL!).

Salad dressing 4 cropped

The purpose of ordering dressing on the side is supposed to be to
limit the amount of extra fat and calories going into your salad. But
they order ranch dressing (what else goes with fried chicken?) and then
proceed to dump the entire contents on their salad!

Check this out

I don’t care how much you suck at math, you will get this!  That side cup of dressing is 4 ounces. One ounce of ranch dressing is 100 calories—and basically all of it is fat.

So…c’mon, even you can do the freakin’ math! Yes, that’s 400 extra calories, 380 of them solid fat!

Needless to say, this so-called “healthy” salad has more fat than you need for an entire day and almost all the calories you need for an entire day—especially if you are an asset sitter most of the time (asset movers are allowed to have more calories…woo hoo!).

My 2 great tips

Here are 2 of my great salad tips to help you consume less calories, especially from fat, and eat much more healthy:

1. If you must use dressing on your salad, stay away from the white or creamy ones, like Ranch, bleu cheese, etc. Pick ones that have balsamic, other vinegars, or lemon juice as the base.

2. Instead of dumping the entire side order of dressing onto your salad, first dip your fork into the dressing…

Salad dressing 2

…like this…

Salad dressing 1

and then stab your fork into your salad—not the other way around…

Salad dressing 3

Yum! You’ll be amazed at how much taste you get and how little dressing you use, less than half an ounce. We need to thank the late Jack LaLanne for this amazing tip! My clients who try this are sold on it and can’t believe how many useless calories they avoid.

In my next post I'll give you more great healthy eating tips by taking you on an ultra-secret insider’s VIDEO tour of…my very own refrigerator!


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If you must use dressing on your salad, stay
away from the “white” or creamy ones. Pick ones that have balsamic, other
vinegars, or lemon juice as the base.

Bethy’s thought of the day: Better butts (and upper arms) by Beth

One of the things I’m always telling my clients—and I’ll be telling you in my book, Move Your Assets: From the chair not the bank!—is to do your own observations.

Look around you and observe the crap that people are eating or not eating. Watch how little or how long people can actually sit on their assets!

You'll really begin to see some amazing patterns and you don’t need to read a fancy shmancy medical journal to make conclusions.

One thing I always do is observe how much effort people put it in to a group fitness class. Yes, I attend as well as teach classes. Don’t get me wrong, I am proud of everyone just for showing up and moving their assets; I think it’s great! But I get a little pissy when I look around the room and see so many women who won’t even try to do one push up! And most of them are half my freakin’ age!

I’m allowed to get pissy because contrary to what you might think, push ups did not come easy for me, no siree! 

When I was 19, I could not do even one single push up. In fact, when I enlisted in the Army (what, you didn’t know? Just wait. You’ll read all about Private Bethanne in Move Your Assets), I couldn’t even do one push up!

Instead of going directly to boot camp I was sent to FTC, the army’s version of torturous fat camp, because I was SO out of shape! Yup, I wore the infamous banana yellow sweat suit, and drill sergeants eyed my food choices in the mess hall for almost one month!

But I’ve come a long way baby! Now at 47 years old, I can do dozens of push ups:

Push up 3

Push up 4
So it really annoys me to watch women at the gym who don’t even try to do one! I didn’t start out doing 25 in a row. I had to learn how to do 1.

So how will you ever learn if you don’t try? If you don’t even try, then don’t ask me how to get rid of those big squishy, cushy things on the back of your upper arms. You have them because you haven’t used your lovely tricep muscles in years to fill the space, so fat had to take over!

Hint: Any pushing movement will help tone up the back of your arms, including push ups (even on the wall), dips or using a punching bag. Even straightening and squeezing the back of your arms while you’re walking is great! Pushing your husband around can be quite effective, too!

It’s never ever ever too late to get in shape! Don’t just listen to me. Most of my female clients are older than me and all of them can do a push up! They can do lots of other amazing things as well. Read about them on my blog and in my upcoming book!

She’s up…she’s down…but her blood pressure isn’t!

The other morning in my Funiq group fitness class we did a super-fun song filled with burpees. No, that’s not something that happens after you eat too much Mexican food LOL!

Burpees are kinda like squat thrusts from the good old days. You kinda squat down, throw your legs back into a plank position while controlling your core muscles, then maybe throw in a push up or two. Then we quickly jump back up into a standing position, and repeat the whole thing maybe 500 or 600 times (just a little exaggeration).

Burpees are great because they work on your cardiovascular, musculoskeletal system and other systems to respond quickly to change. ( I do them to fun upbeat music so they don’t seem as horrible.)

This is great for getting your blood pressure under control as it learns to respond quickly to movement changes. Also, your body will learn how to get up more quickly, which as you know is imperative as we age.

It suddenly dawned on me last week that some of my students were doing an entire song of burpees without feeling light-headed and they got up a lot more quickly than they used to.

A few years ago these same women, who are otherwise in good shape, still had to get up from a sitting or lying position slowly or else they’d get dizzy, as well as the fact that their muscles did not allow them to get up as quickly.

But now these same students' body parts are just moving a lot faster and no one is whining and moaning anymore…it’s pretty amazing, especially since we are talking about some women in their 60s!

So what’s the big deal, Bethy?

As you age, it is a lot more difficult for your body to change positions quickly and easily; uh probably because you stopped moving as much and as quickly as you used to. You can observe this in older folks, especially very sedentary ones.  Practicing movements that get you up and down quickly, like burpees and many yoga moves, can make it much easier to go from sitting to standing to bending as you age. 

Rapid position-change exercises also do amazing things to control blood flow to and away from your heart, head and muscles, so that your heart and other body parts won’t have to work as hard as you move.

This results in an overall lowering of your blood pressure as well as elimination of lightheadedness. Your body will be able to adjust well to position changes in life just by practicing these position changes in your fitness routine.

And you already know that practice makes (pretty) perfect. 

Fascinated by burpees?? You can read more about them here.


This “ain’t” rocket science, people!

If you are an asset mover, your assets will be smaller…DUH!

One of my clients decided to go ice skating on New Year’s Day. Yes, we do have ice skating in Florida.

Ice skating 2
It’s under a tent instead of a cold and frosty sky, and everyone wears
shorts instead of long johns, but hey, it’s winter in Florida.

Don’t laugh at us; the next time you’re digging out from under a snowstorm, we’ll be at the beach!

So there’s my client skating away when she noticed something amazing: Everyone on the ice — adults and kids alike –- was pretty svelte. Everyone sitting on the benches around the ice watching the skaters was…well, need I say more?

Knowing me as you do, I think you already know the moral of the story. So, get that car off the cinder blocks and begin to rev your engine. (Which is a Bethy metaphor for, "Move your assets: from the chair, not the bank!")

Or should I say: "Move your assets: from the chair onto the ice!"

Ice skating 1

“No” to the dreaded New Year’s resolutions!


Happy New Year 4Happy New Year! If you MUST make a resolution for 2013…vow to NEVER diet again!

I'm always telling you that it's the CRAP not the CARBS that are making you fat, but many of you still refuse to buy into it — and you have the high cholesterol and lots of dimply fat all over your body to prove it!

You forced me into writing Move Your Assets: From the Chair Not the Bank to "smack you upside your head" and debunk your myths and misconceptions about what it means to be a healthy eater — and, of course, how and why to move your assets!

So this awesome article supports my entire eating healthier philosophy with a bunch of documented studies.

Wow, all you had to do was read my book and you would already know all this.

Oh wait, my book is not ready yet…but you can read my blog posts, which give you all the ammo you need to move your assets daily and be a healthy eater daily!

That is the absolute best way to begin 2013 — and you don't need a resolution to do it!

Happy New Year 2