Neither rain nor sleet will stop Bethy…

…from putting away her wagon (or shopping cart, for you non-New Yawkers).

My brilliant niece Alyssa posted this photo on my Facebook page knowing it's exactly what Aunt Bethy would do:

Shopping cart in rain_edited-1
You're so right, Alyssa! I gotta put that freakin' wagon away no matter what!



Dear University of Florida…

Dear University of Florida,

I am a Gator's wife. I willingly put up with statues of Gators all over our house:

Gators 3a edited
Our furniture is decorated with Gators collected over the years by my Gator husband, Jeffrey:

Gators 2 edited

Gator helmets are everywhere:

Gators 3b edited
Dead Gator carcasses line our bookshelves:

Gators 4 edited

Our family photo albums are filled with pictures of Jeff wearing his beloved Gators apparel all over the world. Here we are in Turkey:

Gators 1 edited
And in England a few months ago:

Gators 5 edited

I have no problem with this. It’s part of being a Gator's wife. (I think it was in our marriage vows.)

I do, however, have a big problem with this:

University of Florida’s Institute on Aging receives a $64 million grant to study if physical activity helps seniors be more mobile!

Are you kidding me?

To spend $64 million on a study is crazy -– and we already know the answer just by watching the seniors at Club Health at Century Village!

"The five-year grant will fund studies to better understand the biological and behavioral processes that lead to physical disability in older adults and help them prevent it."

Really? You need 5 years to tell you that? Just come to one of my classes and you’ll know in an hour…or just read my book, Move Your Assets: From the chair not the bank! (okay, so it’s not out yet, but it will be)….or just talk to Dick and Dottie. They move their assets with me and are in their mid 70s!

Dick 2012-02-14

Dottie 2012-02-14

But wait, there's more!

"[The study] explores whether physical activity helps seniors be more mobile as they age."

What? You mean some people think it’s better for seniors to sit on their assets all day?

"Already researchers at the Institute have found that higher levels of physical activity are associated with greater longevity, better mood and improved strength among older adults, said Dr. Marco Pahor, principal investigator and director of the UF Institute on Aging."

Duh! How much did you pay to find that out? You could have saved a lot of money by hiring me.

Next time just call me, okay? I’ll tell you what you need to know for a mere million.


Bethy’s thought of the day: Do we have to “celebrate” this event again?

Here we are again "celebrating" Childhood Obesity Awareness Month. I ranted about it, I mean wrote about it, last year and sadly America did not listen to me because here we are, once again, marking this gruesome event.

When I see parents dropping off their kids at bus stops that are a mere 2 blocks from their homes, I know we're enabling the horrific trend in childhood obesity in our country. Later in the afternoon they drive the same 2 blocks to the bus stop to pick up their kids. And this is in sunny  Florida where it's beautiful 360 days out of the year! Man, I can just imagine what goes on in rainy Seattle or
freezing, snowy Buffalo.

Get out of the car and walk to the bus stop…

School bus 5

Or ride your bike…

School bus 3

Or roller skate…

School bus 4
You'll help your kids and yourself.

I understand that in this day and age you don't want your kids waiting alone especially before the sun comes up. So stand with them instead of waiting in your car (what is that??). I don't care if you play Patty Cake but just get the heck off of your assets!



Bethy’s thought of the day: No parking!

Just think, if most people hadn’t put their bodies in “park” all these years, we wouldn’t be using words like exercise or working out to refer to simply “moving”!

No parking 1
Moving your assets would already be part of your daily routines–just like eating, brushing your teeth and uh, texting, or running from saber-toothed tigers (more on that in my book).

And we certainly wouldn’t need a list of “benefits you get from moving” because everyone would already be experiencing them!

So take it out of park and get moving! Or to put it more elloquently: Get that touches (AKA assets) off of those cinder blocks NOW!

No parking 2