Crash diets don’t work

Gotta love Seth Godin, marketing guru extraordinaire and author of 13 best-selling books including The Dip and Poking the Box. In Seth's latest blog post he uses one of my 4 favorite words as a metaphor for making amazing changes in your life: Crash diets and good habits.

Can you guess what my favorite word is in that title? Hint: It's not "crash." And it's definitely not "diet."

As Woody Allen said, “Eighty percent of success is showing up.” If you make a commitment to move your assets for the next 30 days, rather than wear a feeding tube for the next 10 days that will supply you with 800 daily calories (yes, this really is the latest and greatest new fad in rapid weight loss), you will form a habit that will change your life. 

You will read much more about my pet peeve with such phrases as "Lose weight quick" (improper grammar as well as a short-term gimmick) in my upcoming book, Move Your Assets: From the chair not the bank.

Meanwhile read Seth Godin’s awesome blog post here.

Dieting 3


Try this right now: Upper back/neck posture exercise

Actually don’t try it right now. Wait til you’re in your car stopped at a traffic light and preferably in a place where you can put your car in park!

Driving 2
Ready? Make sure your tail is all the way back. Take a deep breath in and exhale as you pull your belly button back into the seat back while simultaneously (and gently) pushing the back of your head into the head rest without changing your chin level.

Do this slowly and repeat up to ten times in a row, depending on the length of the light. You can do this a few times daily.

You can actually do this exercise anywhere you have a high-back chair. Or you can even try it lying face up on the floor. Just keep your knees bent for back support and make sure you have something soft behind your head like carpet! Don't do this on tile; you may break it with your hard head lol!

Wherever you try this great exercise, you'll look like a turtle retreating his head into his shell (I know, very attractive analogy) but who cares? Over time this exercise will help you get rid of your forward head posture by strengthening the weak muscles behind your neck that your constant chin-to-chest posture has caused, especially from your computer! Hint: standing with your laptop at counter height can dramatically reduce forward – head posture as well as the upper back and neck tsuris that comes with it…ouch!

Plus, by pulling your belly button against the seat back, you are also helping to strengthen your core and look taller…and thinner! I know that’s what you wanted to know! Who doesn't want to look taller and   thinner while they're driving?!

Driving 3


My secret ingredient

Roasted sesame seeds! This little jar is one of the best food investments you can make! Roasted sesame seeds add lots of flavor but not lots of calories.

You can purchase them in the sushi section of your local grocery store — only $2 for a big jar:

Roasted_Sesame_Seeds white bg
I like this brand, which is made by AFC Sushi–and of course you can use roasted sesame seeds on way more than sushi. Sprinkle them on salads, fish, chicken, rice, pasta…instead of using lots of fatty dressings and sauces. Be creative!

What are your calorie-saving, flavor-adding tips? Leave them in a comment and share your brilliance with the rest of us!



Try this right now: Column A and column B

I'm starting a brand-new series on my blog called "Try this right now." These are tips you'll read in my upcoming book–but I know you can't wait til it's published, right?

So because I'm just that kind of a person, I'm going to post some of them right here, so you can try them right now!

Here's the first one…

Get out a piece of paper. (Go ahead. I'll wait…)

Draw a line down the middle…

Paper drawing line with ruler
Label one side "column A" and the other "column B." In column A (order Won Ton soup, egg roll—just kidding) list all the ways you relied on your body before online shopping, emailing and other technological wonders came into your life.

For example, maybe you actually used to shop for clothes and shoes by physically walking into a store or the mall. Maybe you used to walk into a bank, to a payphone or to the office down the hall to deliver a message.

In column B list all the ways you physically rely on your body during this technologically advanced time. 

Now look at what you wrote….

Paper--looking at it
Hmmm, do you play more Words with Friends or do you actually walk with friends?

If column B is way shorter than column A, you are probably suffering from many hypokenetic diseases (Huh?? Yes, there is such a classification of diseases) because you sit on your assets a lot more than you move them.

You will read a lot more about this in my appropriately named upcoming book, Move Your Assets: From the chair not the bank.

Meanwhile let me know in a comment what your column A/B list looks like! If column B is way shorter than column A, you need to find some creative ways to move your assets and avoid being totally taken over by technology. Here are a few:

  • Skip the drive-thru and actually walk into the store.
  • Park your car further from the store and walk to it.
  • Walk with friends instead of playing Words with Friends.
  • Skip the escalators and use the steps.
  • Walk to the office next to you and deliver a message in person…OY VEY!!

Stay tuned for more "Try this right now" tips. Right here!

Paper with A+



Bethy’s thought of the day: Put down that obesity bar right now!


Could this be any more profound?

Snickers - obesity bar
If you're in the mood for a snack, there are lots of things you can reach for instead of an empty-calorie-laden candy bar.

What do I eat? Click here, here, here, here, here, and here. What do I avoid? It's right here. (You have been paying attention, right?)

So what healthy alternatives do you eat when you're craving something like the above? Leave your tips in a comment and share them with the rest of us!



Bethy’s thought of the day: So which one are you?

Love this! It's section 2 of my upcoming book — Move Your Assets: From the Chair not the Bank — all in one awesome poster!

You can eat your way to a healthier lifeAnother incredible visual (from Recipes for Gals in Figure and BodyBuilding) to help us all remember, you are what you eat. 🙂

So which one are you — the one on the left or the one on the right?