Bethy’s thought of the day: Still mad you “only” lost 1 pound?

This puts things in perspective for me — how about you?

Pound of fat
So don't be envious of your buddy who lost 10 pounds of water on that ridiculous "no-carb diet" in one week!

Big thanks to my buds at Recipes for Gals in Figure and BodyBuilding for the super image!


Bethy’s thought of the day: My assignment for you

Please copy this quote on 10 small pieces of paper (stand up and march in place while you're writing them). Now put them in places where they will constantly remind you how true this quote really is!  Tape them to your fridge, your kid’s forehead, your treadmill…stick one in your purse, your wallet, your thong…

"Knowledge is not power.
Applied knowledge is power!"

All that stuff you “know”–all that brilliant info–is absolutely useless if you aren’t doing anything about it!

And yes, you will read more about this in my upcoming book, Move Your Assets: From the chair not the bank!

Notes 4
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