Bethy’s Thought of the Day: This is why Americans are so unhealthy!

Don't complain to me about your aches, pains, and excess body fat if you park your shopping cart 5 feet from the rack!

Shopping cart
It's lazy and inconsiderate and it causes your "assets" as well as prices to increase!

BTW the reason I know it costs us all more for groceries is because the kid being paid to rack up the carts at Costco told me, "I don't care, I get paid to do this all day!"

Ponder that!

* * *

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Bethy’s Thought of the Day: Miracle pills, potions, and lotions

As you can imagine, I'm approached by dozens of people who want me to sell the new "miracle" pill and lotion of the moment. (And there are 1000s LOL!)

"Miracle" potions that promise to change your life never enticed or intrigued me so don't bother trying to ask me to join the multi-level marketing bandwagon with you. I have too much of an ego to sell a product that makes someone "higher up" more money than me! I'm doing fine, on my own, getting people to move their assets without spending money on fancy concoctions!

Move your assets and make half your food consumption come from veggies and fruits and you won't have to buy this expensive crap either! 🙂

* * *

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Bethy’s Thought of the Day: What 20 minutes can do for you

After your morning "cawfee," you must start your day with at least 20 minutes of moving!

Throw your kids in the stroller (be gentle LOL,) or pay a babysitter $20 so YOU can GO! It's worth every penny and in the long run you'll save a lot more money on meds and "shrinks."

You'll start your day with lots of creativity and much less stress!

* * *

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It’s time for “Booty” Camp (it’s challenging…it’s fun…I promise!)

By popular demand…FUNIQ Fitness presents

"Booty" Camp!

For beginners (and intermediates)

This extremely FUN yet challenging program will shape up your ENTIRE body in 8 1-hour sessions! You will see and feel the amazing results…all you have to do is show up!!

Mondays and Wednesdays
March 12 – April 4
10:45 – 11:45 am

FUNIQ Studio, Longwood, Florida

$150 for 8 1-hour sessions (less than $20 per session!)

FREE FUNIQ T shirt on completion day!

Registration Info: Email me today to reserve your spot. ONLY 8 SPACES ARE AVAILABLE and they're on a first-come, first-served basis. Once I have 8 names as RSVPs, I will forward payment and other info to you lucky 8!

Spring is just around the corner so make plans now to get in shape — at Booty Camp!


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