December 29, 2011 The Asset Queen

Top 20 fitness trends for 2012 (sneak preview!)

20bThe American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) has come up with its annual list: The Top 20 Fitness Trends for 2012!

I LOVE that 19 of the 20 trends are in MY daily repertoire of “tricks up my sleeve!” The only listed trend that’s never been a favorite of mine is spinning (indoor cycling,) but that doesn’t mean it’s not an awesome way to Move Your Assets if you love to cycle in a closed room with blasting music!

No, spinning has never brought out the fun and passion in me like Zumba or other listed trends have! And duh, of course "Zumba and other dance workouts" are on the list because EVERYONE loves to dance! Even if you don’t know your right from left, dancing is one of the best ways to improve brain function, decrease stress and get you out of d epression!…and you don’t even need a partner.

20cMy favorite answer to the infamous question, “What is the best exercise for me?” is “The one that YOU enjoy doing and will do!” I answer this question and many others in my upcoming book, Move Your Assets: From the chair not the bank!

For now check out these trends and note that they are not fads (like the thigh master and the ab blaster!). I especially love that the number one trend in 2012 is  hiring educated, certified and experienced fitness professionals, like me! If getting back in shape is on your list of New Year's resolutions, call me, email me, or Facebook me and we'll set up a program customized for you (with whatever Top 20 trends YOU like!).

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