December 8, 2011 The Asset Queen

My secret to being “svelt” through the holidays…and forever! My holiday challenge for you!!

This is the time of year when my clients cancel personal training sessions and my class sizes decrease drastically!

Everyone is so busy shopping (and eating) and “running” around (and eating) and entertaining family and out-of-town guests (and eating) that taking care of their own health and well-being seems to be put on hold. (Does “I’ll start again next year” sound familiar?)

Ironically people are more stressed out (and simultaneously gain more weight…DUH) between Halloween and New Year’s Eve than any other time of the year, even with all their “running” around!

Really, the best thing for YOU would be to keep up with YOUR fitness routine and keep your assets moving. 

I don’t want to stress you out even more by telling you to keep your appointments with me, so I’m going to offer an amazing tip that has changed my life and the lives of those who have listened. I’d like you to try this NOW and not as a “resolution” for next year!

I know you need some serious help!

I mean with your eating habits this holiday season! (Maybe you need the other kind of “help” too, but that’s beyond the scope of my expertise!)

I can relate to how tough the temptation can be to devour everything in sight, like a ravenous pig! You are not alone. I feel your pain. Yes, I move my assets for a living so it is much easier for me to keep my girlish figure through the holidays.

And if you read my last blog post, I offer awesome tips to keep you a calorie-burning machine so that the pumpkin pie, eggnog pancakes from IHOP and other calorie-laden treats don’t stick to your thighs, buttocks and belly like super glue.

Since I am leaner than ever since I turned forty, I realize there are certain foods I’ve learned to totally avoid–this has helped make a complete transformation in my physique. On the other end of the spectrum, I always observe that the people with the most fat eat these foods CONSTANTLY.

So I am going to give you a list of “BAD” foods that I want you to STAY AWAY from as completely as possible over the next few weeks. I will offer alternatives so you won’t feel deprived

You will see and feel such a huge difference that hopefully you will cut these foods out forever (or at least dramatically cut down on them.)

I call these “killer foods” because they are the ones that are loaded with calories and fat and offer virtually no nutritional value. And guess what: They are not starches or carbs! I’m going to let you have your cake and eat it too (literally) if you cut these foods out!

Beth’s list of 8 “killer foods”

1. Ranch dressing and sour cream (and the dips that they “live” in!)

Instead: Use non-creamy dressings such as balsamic and NEVER pour them on your food. Instead dip your FORK into the dressing first and then the food.

2. Mayonnaise-based salads

Sorry, you cannot mix tuna, egg or chicken with mayo and call it salad! Salads have to contain actual vegetables.

Look at the difference in these two foods:

Mayo-salsa 2

The entire jar of salsa on the left has just 225 calories–and 0 of them are from fat. Compare that to the mayo on the right; the jar has 1,540 calories–and 1,320 of them are from fat! And that's the LIGHT mayo!

Instead: Make your own salads with half veggies and half protein and very little light mayo mixed with plain yogurt, lemon, pepper, dill and sea salt to taste. Or just use salsa–it's great!

3. Salads marinated in oily dressing

Yes, olive oil is better than the above killer foods, but not when you dump half a bottle on the artichoke hearts. Oh my! You could be pouring on hundreds of extra calories –like the so-called healthy warm chicken salad that I ordered the other night at my favorite Italian restaurant. It was grilled chicken, mushrooms, sundried tomatoes over a bed of lettuce with about a gallon of dressing poured on top. 

No, I did not send it back, so I probably had more than 1,000 calories in just oil. In fact that meal was my inspiration to write this article!

Instead: Stay away from prepared salads dressings. Make your own with balsamic vinegar, lemon juice and spices to taste.

Here's the awesome salad I had for lunch yesterday:

Bethy's awesome salad with no fatty stuff

White-meat chicken (broiled or grilled, not fried!), steamed mushrooms, steamed broccoli, lettuce, a little barley, and salsa on top. No dressing! And it was great!

4. Cream  and oil-based sauces

Instead: Use vegetable-based sauces and chicken broth (a little white wine is ok!). Alfredo and vodka sauce are no-no’s. Replace them with tomato-based sauces like marinara or salsa. If you don’t know what’s in the sauce, ask for it on the side.

5. Cheese added to a meal that already is a fat such as a hamburger

Don’t add cheese to a sandwich or a salad (unless it’s the only thing besides the bread or veggies).

Instead: Add avocado and tomato to your sandwich or salad along with your protein. A Cobb salad is not a salad; it is a bunch of fats on a bed of water!

6. Anything fried

Just stay away from anything that has the word “fried” as part of its title!

Instead: Eat the baked stuff.

7. Gravy

I never understand why people pour fat over meats and proteins that already have fat in them. Are you kidding? 

Instead: Add horseradish, mustard and/or spice to your turkey and ham.

8. Butter

Contrary to the anti–carb stuff that’s been planted in your brain, bread is not so bad. It’s all the freakin’ fat you smear on it that’s going right to your assets!

Instead: Eat your (one piece) of bread plain, and only if it’s bread that tasted good enough to not have to be drenched in fat!

So try this little experiment beginning today…

Step 1: Put on a snug pair of pants and observe how they feel.  Immediately make a decision to eliminate those “killer foods” listed above.

Step 2: Try on the pants again right before Hanukkah or Christmas and then on New Year’s Day. I bet they won’t be any tighter and might actually be looser–especially if you continue to move your assets as well!

If you try this experiment, please share your updates by leaving a comment here!

During the holiday season, I’d rather you indulge in that ONE piece of chocolate cake than eat all that fatty crap!!  I said you can have your cake and eat it too because a piece of chocolate cake has about 300 calories but so does 3 tablespoons of olive oil, which will easily be on those prepared salads.

Which would you rather give up?

I’ll have a lot more on “killer foods” and how to easily replace them — in my upcoming book Move Your Assets!

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