This is your brain. This is your brain on exercise.

You know how I'm always saying that regular exercise helps your brain?  Well, the medical community agrees with me LOL:

"Regular exercise has been proven to be more effective than brain games, super foods, supplements or any other method used to keep the brain sparking on all cylinders into old age."

Convinced? No? Then here's more from the American Council on Exercise (where I'm certified):  Exercise and the Brain.

Brain dancing

What Would Bethy Say? (Bethy answers YOUR questions!)

Note from Bethy: I’m starting a new column to answer your questions about fitness, eating, whatever.  No, wait, not whatever…  Okay, just email me your questions ( and I’ll answer them right here! Watch this space! Here's your 1st question…

Q. Dear Bethy,

I’ve managed to lose TWO sizes by going to FUNIQ classes 3 times a week and eating like Bethy eats. Now I’m about to go on my dream vacation to Tuscany and I do NOT want to come back weighing a ton. Help!

Damsel in Distress

A. Dear DID,

The only way for you not to gain back those TWO sizes is for me to go with you and monitor everything you eat and do. When do we leave?

LOL, no, seriously YOU can do this yourself (as much as I’d like to go to Tuscany). Here are my tips:

1. Walk don’t ride.

The last time I looked, the elevator in the Leaning Tower of Pisa was broken, so take the stairs. In fact, take the stairs whenever you can. Walk instead of taking public transportation.

Take a look around you and you’ll see most people in Europe walk everywhere. (It’s cheaper and you’ll have money left over to buy me something at Prada.)

2. Bring a resistance tube.

They weigh almost nothing (so TSA won’t complain that you’re over the weight limit) and it’s like carrying an entire gym for less than $15!!!

Use your tube with or without the door-assist strap to do squats with back row, chest press, tricep push-downs, crunches, and tons more, just like we do in class. With that itty bitty tube, you can simulate fancy gym equipment such as the lat pull-down machine and cable pulleys.

Resistance tube 2Chest press with rubber resistance
(Door-assist strap is in door behind me.)

Resistance tube 1
Squat with back row (You'll get an
awesome butt and back–and better posture!)

3. Eat like the locals eat.

I can say this no matter where you’re going outside the US because the US is one of the fattest developed nations in the world. Especially in Italy, you can easily eat a Mediterranean diet morning, noon, and night. That’s the healthiest, least-fatty way to eat.

Even if you have an occasional splurge, because you’re staying active and moving your assets every day, you’ll come home looking great!

And always Move Your Assets at any chance you get (the Italian men love that LOL!)

Your FUNIQ Fitness coach,

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