Have a better butt by YOU for the summer!

Admit it–you're dreading the return of swimsuit season, right? You don't have to!

All it takes is a moving your assets and you'll look as good going as you do coming. Most people sit on their "fatty acids," so even a little effort will wake up the glutes. Here are some great standing exercises that will lift and tone that butt–and get you ready for your bikini:

Bikini 2 1. Squat/kick back: From a squat position, come up while leaning forward (without arching your back) and do a back push-kick using your heel to push. Alternate for 20.

2. Wide plie' squats: Squeeze your butt on the way up. Repeat for 20.

3. Backward lunges: Alternate for 20.

4. Walk backwards and side to side while squeezing glutes: Add this to your walking-forward routine!

Here's the key to make it all work: Whatever type of squat you do, put your weight on your heels when you come up and you'll really work your butt!

And if you want more, you can get a "Better Butt by Beth" right in your own home or in the  beautiful, new FUNIQ studio (coming soon). Want to know more? bethannesinfo@aol.com or 407.491.8107.

You can be in the most awesome shape of your life this summer and I can help you do it. Hey, they don't call me Better Butts by Beth for nothing, LOL.       

Your FUNIQ Fitness coach,


Bikini 1

Move your assets….and save your brain! (Really!)

Don't avoid coming to awesome classes like FUNIQ, Zumba, kickboxing, etc. just because you think you're uncoordinated and can't get the moves! You can actually learn to be coordinated while training your brain.

My clients who say they are dyslexic and rhythm-less have actually learned coordination and how to tell their right foot from their left–and they've done it in their 40s, 50s, 60s, and 70s. No kidding!

Brain dancingOh and of course they got themselves in awesome shape as a bonus.

Every article I've been reading lately on treatment of depression as well as prevention of Alzheimer's lists dance as one of the best ways to elevate your mood as well as improve your brain function.

People who exercise regularly have about half the risk of developing Alzheimer's and dementia as people who don't move their assets.

You want more proof? Read this: 3 Ways Exercise Feeds Your Brain


Fit, fabulous and FIFTY!

Say that 10 times! You TOO can have guns and buns of steel like Robin, one of my awesome clients with an awesome success story!

Robin IS fit, fabulous and yes, she is 50:


You can be fit and fab at YOUR age too. Just hire me, aka Better Butts by Beth, in the privacy of your own home–and you don't need lots of space!

Want to know more? bethannesinfo@aol.com or 407.491.8107

Robin 2


Two hot mommas!

Wow! Who are these hot mommas?

  Ali and Sherri
Yes, they are both moms of two and in their mid forties! Shari and Ali are in better shape than most women half their age, and they keep getting leaner and fitter.

The only scientific reason for a "slower" metabolism as we age is loss of muscle (AKA sarcopenia) …period, end of story! And for every pound of muscle mass you lose, 5-10 pounds of fat WILL replace it!

The solution: "Move your assets" and wake up those sleeping muscles!

You, too, can be like Shari and Ali when you grow up…lean, mean fat-burning machines…courtesy of Better Butts by Beth as well as lots of self discipline by these two!

You'll read more about Shari and Ali and other people who've changed their lives by "moving their assets–from the chair, not the bank"! Hint hint…my upcoming book!

Sheri and Ali 2

Put back that cart!

This is one of the reasons the US was voted the world's fattest developed country:

Shopping carts
We can't return a shopping cart to the rack — and instead we leave it literally 3 steps away!

If walking a few extra steps or avoiding scraping a car (which has happened to me) doesn't motivate you to return your cart, how about this: I overheard a Costco employee who was rounding up shopping carts say, "I don't care if people leave their carts all over the parking lot. They pay me all day to do this!"

That is one of the reasons you pay more at the grocery store for your food than ever before. So put your freakin' cart back!