Bethy battles carbophobia!

So you’ve decided to “clean up” your eating habits. Look at this plate of Chinese chicken, broccoli, and rice. What do you eliminate if you want to be healthier?

Chicken and broccoli
I bet you said, “The rice,” right? I ask this question wherever I speak and invariably hands go up all over the room and people say they’d cut out the rice in order to eat healthier. When I ask why, they always say, “Because rice is a carb.”

My answer: AARRGGHHH! Stop with the “no carbs”!

A cup of rice has just 242 calories and a mere 3 calories of that come from fat! Sure, you're better off eating brown rice, the “whole” version that's a lot more nutrient dense, but a serving of white rice (or even two) is not what’s causing Americans to live in “The fattest developed country in the world”!

What should you cut from that plate of food if you want to eat healthier? The sauce! It’s loaded with fat, sugar, and salt. Most Chinese food in US restaurants is designed for Americans who love the heavy, fat-laden sauces. You’d never find a dish like that in China.

High-fat foods like that sauce have given us the title of "fattest developed country in the world"–along with highly processed carbs, foods that are caloric dense, and “empty calorie” foods.

A billion Chinese can't be wrong

Try telling the Chinese who’ve been eating white rice for centuries that they’ve been wrong the whole time, and that they need to eat more fat and protein like our diet “experts” tell us. I challenge you to find any obese people in China, unless they’ve adopted a Western diet and are eating at KFC and McDonald’s, which sadly are all over China now.

Come on, people…stop with the “no carbs”! Misled consumers are so carbophobic that they’re sacrificing the benefits of nutrient-dense whole grains and legumes—which have virtually no fat—and are substituting high-fat options such as sour cream, cheeses, and dressings, which contain way more than half of their calories from fat. 

Yes, people, even those “turkey” sausages you eat for breakfast get more than 80% of their calories from fat and only 20% from protein! Why eat the garbage that everyone else throws away? That's what's packed into your fat-filled "turkey" sausage–and you start your day by eating it thinking you're being healthy.

What to cut?

There are good carbs and bad carbs–just like there are good and bad people…you just have to pick and choose LOL! The carbs you want to cut (or at least drastically cut down on) are sugars and highly processed carbs, the ones that are stripped of virtually all their wholesome goodness–like that Danish you're about to devour or the bowl of sugar-packed cold cereal you fed your kids for breakfast.

Do I sound a little frustrated? Yes I am! So many consumers are brainwashed by this “all carbs are evil" mentality that they're making very poor eating choices.

It’s even hard for me to convince some of my friends, family members, and clients that there are good and bad carbs. These same people have high levels of cholesterol, even the ones who exercise, because they eat higher fat diets and cut the good carbs. Good carbs have so many health benefits including lowering cholesterol levels. 

Dramatic results

My clients who do cut fats from their diet have seen dramatic results. One of them has lost 2 sizes simply by doing 2 things: (1) moving more and (2) eating less fat. She now reads labels and watches how much fat she puts into her leaner-than-ever body. She does eat carbs—the good ones. Because she’s moving more than ever, she’s actually eating more than ever—but the good stuff. No more diet roller coasters!

So put down that turkey sausage! Don’t make me come and get you.

Your FUNIQ Fitness coach,