Hey, America! Get Up and “Move Your Assets”!

Last month I spent 10 wonderful days in Provence, France. One of the most profound things I noticed is that people walk everywhere, not for exercise but for transportation! (Hmm…walking for a purpose other than exercise? Does that even exist here in the US?) 

One of my major philosophies, which I elaborate on in my upcoming book Move Your Assets, is that if you move for a purpose (other than for fitness) the fitness and weight loss will come! 

Everywhere I went in France, I snapped pictures of crowds. What do you (not) see in these pictures?

France continued 082
  France continued 083

France continued 084
You guessed it; not one obese person! (And I have a bunch more photos like these!)

Not so in the US. Congrats to us…we just won the title of  “Fattest Developed Country in the World.” For the most part, Americans drive everywhere: to the supermarket a half mile away, to the drive-thru (for a 500-calorie coffee LOL), and more.

Heck, kids don’t even walk to bus stops anymore like in the good old days. In my neighborhood, parents drop their kids off at bus stops two blocks from their house. 

We leave our shopping carts in the parking lot because we don’t want to walk 100 feet to return them to the store, let alone to the cart holders that are two spaces away! Hey, we even move our car around the mall parking lot because we’re too lazy to walk!

Do I sound a little frustrated? Well, yeah, I just got another ding on my car because someone let a cart slam into it at the grocery store the other day. How do I know? The cart was still there!

The bottom line? We move (way) less and at the same time eat (way) more. And it’s affecting OUR bottom line. We are the only country in the world to be increasing seat sizes in theme parks, restaurants, theatres, and airplanes to accommodate larger “assets.” And we're the only country where residents can acquire motorized scooters by being too overweight to walk. Congrats again!

According to The Orlando Sentinel, all three area theme parks—Disney, Universal, and SeaWorld—have all had to work to accommodate plus-size customers.

Don’t believe me? Read it yourself: Orlando theme parks, businesses work to accommodate plus-size customers

In 2009, more than 60% of Americans were overweight and half of those were “grossly obese.” This is the average American. Is this where YOU want to be?

Get up right now! Windex your kitchen, walk the dog, play catch with your kid, walk to 7-Eleven. I don’t care what you do; just "move your assets" and don’t be a statistic!