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“Experts” suggest a shot of drugs with your fast food

So you walk into a fast-food place. You order a huge 1,000-calorie burger doing the backstroke in a pool of fat (and you add a side of fries cuz there’s really not enough fat on the plate)…and your smiling server hands you some cholesterol-lowering statin drugs.


“Experts” (and I use the term loosely) are actually suggesting that fast-food outlets give customers free doses of cholesterol-lowering statin drugs to cut back on the heart risks of eating fatty foods.

Sure, that makes sense. Go ahead and inject cholesterol into your veins and then pop a pill to neutralize it.

I am not making this up. You can read about it here.

Are people going crazy, or is it just me?

Why not just cut back on fat in the first place? Take a few seconds to read the labels on what you’re about to put in your mouth. Look for “calories” and right next to that, “calories from fat.” 

How much of your calories are coming from fat? Your fat intake should be 30% or less of your total consumed calories.

Burgers, fries, hot dogs, pizza, and all the other “American” favorites have way more than 50% of their calories coming from fat. So if all of your meals comes from these types of foods, more than 50% of your body weight will be from fat!

Or maybe you eat the 50 Fattiest Foods Across the Nation. I don’t even have words for that one.

Remember: “You are what you eat!” 

If you can consume meals with lots veggies (starchy and non), fruits, whole grains, and low-fat dairy…we’re talking less than 25% of your calories from fat…this will absolutely result in a leaner you! 

Don’t cut the good carbs! Instead cut the processed sugary foods and the high-fat foods; reduce your consumption, rather than cut out a food group.

If you want a leaner body, this is the way to do it. Trust me on this. A fast-food burger loaded with fat will end up one place. On you.

Eating hamburger

Your FUNIQ Fitness coach,


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