June 22, 2010 The Asset Queen

I live for emails like this!

I’m a big believer in “Just move…the endless benefits will follow!”

I don’t care what you do…Tae Bo, belly dancing, P90X, FUNIQ, neighborhood power walk…it’s all great and will get you to the same place!!  Stop thinking, just move! 

Read this inspirational email I received from my (40-something-year-old) buddy, Shelly! It's emails like this that make me realize why I do what I do…


I really never understood why I was always so sluggish and other people were so full of energy, like you!

I always knew that what you do is what keeps you even more motivated in life, strong in every way possible, and looking soooo freaking good. I just never had the motivation inside me to even try ;-( 

Tally and I ordered the P90X system to get started on our in-home workout together. Tally already works out religiously, but he was very concerned for me that I never exercised.

He tried to get me to go to the gym and go to your FUNIQ classes. I was always so depressed about our long wait to adopt a baby, about work, etc. and he would tell me how happy I looked when I did your workout the few times I did them. 

Tally invested in this system to see if he could get me out of this funk. It is really working, but not because it’s a P90X—but because I put my whole heart and soul into it for me, Tally, and our marriage.

No matter what workout you do, as long as you do it (and make it part of your lifestyle) it is the “right” workout for you, and the right type for what you are trying to achieve.

One thing that motivated me was you and your philosophy about what working out will do for you—not only for your body, but also for your soul, health, and mind. I'm so sorry that it took me so long to really understand what you are always trying to make people understand.

I really believe that a lot of people are in a funk like I have been for such a long time, and it is very hard for them to grasp the concept that well-being will get you to a better place. I have become a big fan of working hard for your mind, body, and soul.

Kudos to you for what you do for other people’s lives and for investing so much of your heart and soul in other people's health. If I would have listened to you earlier and just come to all your workouts, I would have been over my funk a long time ago. 😉


Here’s a photo of Shelly and me having fun in Mykonos, Greece, last fall. She looks great there—and even better now! 

Bethanne and Shelly on Mykonos

And oh yes, Shelly has started coming back to FUNIQ classes regularly! So she's extra gorgeous now, LOL!

If I can help you find the same motivation and excitement about changing your life that Shelly found, call or email me! You don’t need an expensive home training system; as Shelly says, find what works for you—and then stick with it. I don’t care if you’re 40, 60 or 80 something…you can do this NOW!!

Your FUNIQ Fitness coach,


PS:  Here's the FUNIQ summer schedule! Join us, K?

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