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Q: Should I eat before I work out?

Should I eat right after? And what's best to eat?

A:  Find what works best for you. I can exercise on a big meal and jump around and feel fine. Some people do that and throw up, LOL! 

You really should eat breakfast even if you’re heading right to a workout. I like a mix of protein with some veggies and grain; that holds me over.

Here are some great before-workout breakfasts:

Sliced hard-boiled egg
Sliced avocado
On whole-wheat bread

Or try Bethy's awesome energizing, low-fat, nutrient-dense smoothie:

Slice and freeze a banana.
Put frozen slices into a blender and cover with your fav milk.I prefer low-fat dairy milk because I have no intolerance to it and it's much higher in protein than all of all the "nut" milks. (Read the label for yourselves.) Add a handful of your fav berries.
Optional: Add 1 teaspoon of natural store-made peanut or almond butter (Make sure the nut is the ONLY ingredient!) I also throw in a teaspoon of chia seeds which are chock full of nutrients and one of the only perfect proteins in the meatless world. BTW I am SO not a vegetarian so that is not my motivation for eating chia seeds!

Delicious, nutritious, satisfyingly filling, and less than 350 kcals! Oh, and there is something about frozen bananas that will make your bathroom experience SUCH a pleasure! I know,TMI, but you know me…I have no problem discussing my quick and easy visits to the toilette'! Just sayin'!





Try oatmeal (plain please) and add a tablespoon of natural peanut butter, and maybe a few sprinkles of Stevia for sweetness! It tastes awesome and is loaded with essential nutrients. Just make sure you have plenty of water with it!


Banana and small yogurt (and no, not the kind of yogurt filled with jelly and fat and calories! Read what’s on the label!)

What should you eat after you work out—and when?

Most experts say you should eat something within an hour after your workout. It really depends on how hard you worked out and how long ago you ate before you exercised. 

It also depends on the workout. Everyone works out at a different level. My students work out pretty hard in my class, so there’s no way they should wait to eat for 3 or 4 hours! You’re gonna be hungry as soon as you get in your car!

After I teach a morning class, I crave a turkey wrap around 11 am, so I just make it an early lunch. Turkey is great because it’s lean and protein fills you up.

Here’s what I put in my wrap:

Lean, white oven-roasted turkey (or any lean protein; vegetarians can substitute hummus, tofu, or slivered almonds instead)
Honey mustard or salsa
On a “Flat-Out” wrap

Stop with the “no carbs”!

OK, who's going crazy because I told you to eat a wrap? Come on, people…stop with the “no carbs”! 

The “Flat-Out” wrap has just 100 calories with only 25 of them coming from fat. If you use a tablespoon of mayo, you've piled on 100 calories with 90 of them coming from fat!

Carbs are essential foods, so stop cutting them out. Instead start cutting calories from needless FATS and SUGARS!

It’s no miracle that “carb cutting” gets you to lose weight; essentially you're “consumption” cutting. That's why you lose weight and that can be from any group of foods!  

I'll have more to say about carbs in coming posts. Just remember: Don't cut carbs; cut the calories from needless fats and sugars!

Do you have a fav before-or-after workout meal or snack?  Let me know! Leave it in a comment and share it with the rest of us!

Your FUNIQ Fitness coach,


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