Indulge, Don’t Bulge!

I know it's easy to indulge (and therefore bulge) when you're on a cruise! Like you, I love to "pig out" at the buffet on a cruise, so I'm not
going to be a hypocrite and tell you NOT to eat.

I've been cruising for more than 20 years and here is my #1 tip so I don't come home weighing more than the ship: "Add, don't subtract!" ADD more movement!

How can you do that?

1. Don't use the elevator AT ALL. Take the stairs! Walk to all your meals and daily activities. No elevators!

2. Take a 30-minute walk before breakfast–every day!  (Sorry, your walking tour doesn't count toward this, LOL.)

3.  Don't stop your regular exercise routine just because you're on vacation.

4.  Walk the deck–not just forwards, but backwards and sideways. Add some squats, too.  (Bring a friend so you don't look ridiculous.) 

5. When you're grazing those incredible buffets, look for foods that aren't fried or swimming in oil.  Choose salads that don't have mayo-based dressings and foods that aren't coated with layers of batter.

Want more tips from me about cruising? This week I was interviewed on BlogTalkRadio by TV travel host Marie O'Mara, who is also Chief Romance Officer (yes, that's really her title!) for

Marie asked me how not to gain a size when you go on a cruise–and other tips for staying fit while still enjoying that midnight chocolate buffet, LOL.

You can listen to my brilliant answers by clicking here: (look for the April 13, 2010, show, "Cruises and Beyond").

Or click on "Cruises and Beyond" here:

Got some cruising tips of your own? Hey, share them with the rest of us by leaving a comment below!

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FUNIQ on Blog Talk Radio!

I love to cruise.  I love to eat on cruises (who doesn't?).  I hate to
come home weighing more than when I got on the ship!

Is it possible NOT to gain weight when you go on a cruise — and still enjoy that tempting midnight chocolate buffet?

Yes!  Join me on Blog Talk Radio as I tell you how!  I'll be a guest Tuesday afternoon on a BTR show all about cruising.  You can listen live right on your computer…or you can listen later online on-demand any time you want!

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Tuesday, April 13, 3-4:30 pm ET
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All shows are archived, so you can listen online any time you want by clicking on those same sites; just look for the 4/13/10 show on cruising.

If you want to call in during the show Tuesday afternoon and ask me a question, here's the number: (646) 929-0509. (No trick questions, okay?)

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